Tuesday, 18 December 2007


The "VP" mentioned in the recent wilbros international incorporated bribery scandal in Nigeria is the immediate past vice president of Nigeria, Mr. Atiku Abubakar.

A reliable source informed us that the sum of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars was actually handed to a Lagos based, Delta State born business tycoon, who is also a very close associate and business front of Mr. Abubakar, for passage to the "VP".

Even though the then vice-president was not in the line of authority of officials who award contracts in the oil and gas sector, it was necesary, according to our source to include his name in the list of officials to be bribed, to avoid leakage of the deal, considering the number of loyalists the then vice president had in all sectors.

Recently, a certain Mr. Jason Edward Steph, a citizen of United States Of America and a general manager of one of Wilbros International Incorporated subsidiaries in Nigeria was convicted in a United States Of America district court for bribing government officials in Nigeria to the tune of six million dollars to secure contracts for his company. This was in contravention of that country's foreign corrupt practices act.

It was in the course of the trial that Mr. Steph revealed the names of the Nigerian officials who were bribed, one of them being the "VP".

There have been denials by those mentioned in the scandal, the most strident denial being that of the immediate past vice- president.

Authorities in Nigeria have since ordered investigations into Mr. Steph's allegation.