Saturday, 27 December 2008

Nigerian Police Plot To Link Our Publisher To Communal Disagreement

An impeccable contact in Owerri informed chidi opara reports of plan by the Police in Imo State to link our Publisher and Editor-In-Chief, Mr. Chidi Anthony Opara to a communal disagreement in his native home, Umude Amala Avuvu in the Ikeduru Local Government Area of Imo State, Nigeria. The community have been having this disagreement over the years, regarding the apropriate name to adopt. Mr. Opara is in no way involved in this disagreement.

The plot was hatched at the instance of a member of Police Service Commission(PSC), who felt uncomfortable with our publications on the Nuhu Ribadu saga.

This plot, according to our contact, involve the Police divisional headquarters at Iho Dimeze, the headquarters of Ikeduru Local Government Area, whose jurisdiction covers Avuvu and the Area command headquarters in Owerri. According to this contact, those detailed to arrest our Publisher, already know that he normally visits his country home every 1st of january. "They have planned with some youths to start trouble during a football match or during the usual masquerade dance", our contact revealed. "Some of the youths", our contact continued, "will be made to confess that Mr. Opara asked them to start the trouble, thereby providing ground for his arrest and detention", our contact concluded.

Independent investigation by chidi opara reports however, revealed that the Police arrest will be a smokescreen. "Within a day or two of detention, the matter will be transfered to the State Security Service(SSS), who will then relocate Mr. Opara to Abuja for questioning on conducts prejudicial to national security", our contact further revealed.

It is not immediately known if the office of Imo State Police Commissioner is aware of this plot. "Considering the influence of this PSC member, it will not be far fetched to expect that the Commissioner is aware", a Police officer who works in the commissioner's office informed chidi opara reports.

Friday, 26 December 2008

Nuhu Ribadu; What Next?

Indications are that if representations being made to some influential personalities in northern Nigeria, notably, the Lamido of Adamawa and the Sultan of Sokoto by some friends of Mr. Nuhu Ribadu, the former chairman of the Economic And Financial Crimes Commission(EFCC), who was recently dismissed from the Nigerian Police Force by the Police Service Commission(PSC), to intervene in the face-off between the erstwhile anti-corruption chief and the Administration of Mr. Umaru Yar'Adua, fail to elicitate favourable response, the former anti-graft commission chieftain may be in for more victimizations and humiliations. Nuhu Ribadu is a northerner from Adamawa State.

Investigations by chidi opara reports revealed that there is the likelihood that Ribadu may soon be arrested by EFCC for failure to properly hand over some of the commission's properties in his custody to his immediate successor. A handover memo signed by the former EFCC chairman, which chidi opara reports sighted, however, indicated a thorough handover, but we cannot at this time independently confirm the authenticity of the memo.

We also discovered that some persons whom the EFCC under Ribadu prosecuted and got convicted are fine tunning, at the prompting of some powerful politicians, whom Ribadu stepped on their toes, series of petitions, alleging that some of their properties seized by the commission under Ribadu were not properly accounted for. "As soon as we receive any of these petitions, we will move in immediately", an EFCC top level contact informed chidi opara reports.

We further discovered that the main reason for the persecution of Mr. Ribadu is the fact that the Nigerian Presidency was made to believe that some vital components of some sensitive case files like that of some former state governors, were duplicated and taken away by the erstwhile EFCC chairman. It is feared that if by any arrangement, these ex-governors were discharged and acquitted, that Ribadu will release such sensitive information to the news media, especially, the leftwing news blogs, who are usually based outside Nigeria, one of which he has personal relationship with. "As soon as he pledges absolute loyalty and promises to desist from leaking sensitive official information to those people, his troubles will be over", a senior security contact told a chidi opara reports network member recently in Abuja.

We are aware that Mr. Nuhu Ribadu's friends are all over major northern Nigerian cities now, lobbying influential personalities to save the former EFCC chairman from further victimizations and humiliations. We do not however, know at the time of posting this report whether this lobby has Ribadu's blessing or not.

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Nigeria's Police Service Commission Dismisses Former Anti-corruption Commission Chief From Service

Information reaching chidi opara reports has it that Mr. Nuhu Ribadu, former Chairman of Economic And Financial Crimes Commission(EFCC), have been dismissed from service by the Police Service Commission(PSC), a body vested with powers to recruit, promote, discipline, etc, the senior ranks cadre of the Nigerian Police Force, with the exception of the Inspector-general Of Police(IG).

The PSC had in a meeting today deliberated on "the Nuhu Ribadu matter" and unanimously returned a verdict of guilt against the former EFCC chairman who recently shunned a Police disciplinary committee summon. The PSC consequently dismissed him from the Nigerian Police force.

The PSC had earlier demoted Mr. Ribadu from the rank of Assistant Inspector-general of Police to Deputy commissioner. The former anti-corruption Chieftain is currently challenging his demotion in court.

Since february this year when Mr. Ribadu was removed as the Chairman of EFCC, in what was widely believed to be a scheme to kill the anti-corruption movement which gathered unprecedented momentum during the years Ribadu was head of the anti-corruption commission, the former EFCC chairman had endured one form of humiliation or the other, the most recent being when he was forcefully removed from the senior executive course 30 graduation ceremony of the Nigerian Institute Of Policy And Strategic Studies(NIPSS),in the presence of his immediate family and invitees. Ribadu, who participated in and completed the course, was subsequently given his graduation certificate in a separate private ceremony.

Details of the PSC meeting is still so far sketchy, but what is not sketchy is the fact that the meeting was at the instance of the IG of Police with the approval of the Presidency.

A chidi opara reports network member in Abuja, who tried to get details of the meeting, met a stone wall from PSC members. This network member reported that all efforts to reach the PSC spokesperson, Miss Comfort Obi have so far proved abortive.

Monday, 22 December 2008

Nigeria's State Security Service Formally Adopts Passport Seizure Policy

chidi opara reports can now report that Nigeria's State Security Service(SSS), have now formally adopted the policy of seizure of passports of Nigerians resident in foreign countries whose parts have at one time or the other crossed with that of the Administration of Mr. Umaru Yar'Adua.

The policy was adopted after series of meetings between the Director-general of SSS and the National Security Adviser(NSA) between September and November this year.

An impeccable security contact informed chidi opara reports that the Presidency, worried by what it termed "anti-government activities", mainly from Nigerians living in foreign countries had in a memo routed through the NSA, mandated the SSS to come up with "the most viable way to contain this menace". The SSS, we learnt further, in mid November, came up with the option of passport seizure, which has been in practice in the Service, albeit informally. This option, according to our security contact, have been approved by the Presidency. "The SSS Director-general had infact, in early december, communicated the policy in writing to all relevant sectional heads", our contact further revealed.

Independent investigations by chidi opara reports revealed that SSS operations offices at International Airports and Border stations across Nigeria have been given a list of Nigerians living in foreign countries, especially, in United States Of America(USA) and United Kingdom(UK), who the Yar'Adua Administration have identified as "anti-government elements". We have not been able so far to have access to the list, but a middle level SSS operative at a Border station informed chidi opara reports that the list include the names of two online news publishers, a college Professor and a fiction writer, all based in USA.

Further investigations also revealed that security units in Nigeria's foreign missions have been instructed to place the movements of persons on the list, "on close survillance".

"We are concentrating on the Borders, because most of our targets may like to avoid the Airports", the SSS contact further revealed to chidi opara reports.

Friday, 19 December 2008

Corruption Thrives In Nigeria As Anti-Corruption Body Engage In Game Of Deceit

chidi opara reports has it on good authority that the Economic And Financial Crimes Commission(EFCC), instead of fighting corruption in Nigeria, have by its action recently encouraged public officers, especially, State Governors to engage in unbridled corruption.

We can now report that the Chairperson of EFCC, Mrs. Farida Waziri have been meeting with some ex-governors, notably, James Ibori, Peter Odili, and Bola Tinubu, to find a way to give them safe landing in the corruption cases against them.

It was in one one these meetings, usually facilitated by the office of the Attorney- general of the Federation and Minister of Justice, that it was decided that plea bargain would be the best option. "The case of Lucky Igbinedion was to be used to fly the kite", a well placed EFCC contact informed chidi opara reports.

Our information also indicated that when the plea bargain option was first flown, the EFCC Chairperson was skeptical, because according to a contact close to her, she feared that the International Community may not take to the option. "but after meetings with some diplomats, Madam decided to go ahead with the plan", our EFCC contact further revealed.

We can now also report that EFCC strategists have worked out an elaborate blackmail against opponents of their plea bargain scheme. "The plan is to continually accuse unnamed elements of plans to destabilize the Yar'Adua Administration in collaboration with some foreigners. "It is hoped that this will effectively silence those who may want to oppose this idea, but if it doesnt, they may be taken in for treason", a security contact who collaborates with EFCC informed chidi opara reports.

It will be noted that Mr. Lucky Igbinedion, a former governor of Edo State, was recently convicted of a corruption related offence in a plea bargain by a Federal high court in Enugu, he was asked to pay a fine of 3.5million naira. The EFCC however, rejected the conviction and have made known, its intention to appeal. When our EFCC contact was approached on this, she retortd, "it is all part of the game of deceit, what will appeal achieve? they know what they are doing".

The first phase of the EFCC blackmail may have started, the anti-corruption agency recently accused unnamed elements of collaborating with foreign interests to destabilise the Nation.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

The African(Nigerian)Child Is Our Personality Of The Year

Our personality of the year is the African child, especially the Nigerian child, who surprisingly continues to survive, albeit on the fringe, despite the onslaught of corrupt and visionless leadership, which is with the active connivance of some developed Nations who prefer supplying relief materials to discouraging corrupt and visionless leadership in Africa.

Friday, 12 December 2008

Nigeria's Presidential Election Appeal Ruling; Situation Still Hazy

The situation regarding the Nigerian Presidential Election Appeal, whose ruling is slated for today by the Supreme Court is still hazy.

The situation being closely monitored by chidi opara reports, indicated that at the close of work yesterday, none of the Judges on the panel have submitted any written opinions on the matter as advised by the head of the Court, the Chief Justice, to the office of the Chief Justice. These written submissions will eventually form the basis of any consensus ruling on the matter. The Judges, we learnt on good authority, suddenly resolved to submit their written opinions, "at the last minute".

This last minute development, chidi opara reports gathered from competent Presidency contacts, sent the Presidency into panic, prompting the President to personally contact two former heads of Government, rtd. General Yakubu Gowon and Mr. Ernest Shonekan to "put words across to the Chief Justice in the interest of peace and national security".

Contacts close to Gowon and Shonekan informed chidi opara reports that both former heads of Government, spent hours yesterday, respectively working the telephones, preaching the often repeated peace and national security to the Chief Justice, in the consideration of today's ruling. We were however, unable to ascertain the impact of these conversations at the time of posting this report.

In a similar development, chidi opara reports' network members in major northern cities have reported a step up of security. We learnt of an intelligence report hinting at a possible violent reaction by elements sympathetic to the Presidential ambition of rtd. General Buhari, the Presidential candidate of All Nigeria Peoples' Party(ANPP) in the election under dispute. Buhari is known to be popular among the common people(Talakawas).

Unconfirmed reports reaching us also hint at a compromise by the Presidential candidate of the Action Congress(AC) in that election, Mr. Atiku Abubarkar. The details of the compromise was however, not stated. What we can confirm is that the President's mother, during the Sallah holidays had a lenghty telephone conversation with Mr. Abubarkar in which she advised the former Vice-president to "accept whatever is the outcome of the case as the will of Allah". Abubarkar is a family friend and business associate of the Yar'Aduas.

It will be noted that when the Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC), declared Mr. Umaru Yar'Adua, the Presidential candidate of the Peoples' Democratic Party(PDP), as the winner of the 2007 Presidential election, the duo of Abubarkar and Buhari respectively went to court to canvass for the nullification of the result.

The Presidential Election Petition Tribunal, which is the equivalent of the Court of Appeal, however upheld the result, prompting Abubarkar and Buhari to file appeals at the Supreme court.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Nigeria's Moslem Leaders' Sallah Face-off Linked To Presidential Ambition Of Former Military President

The face-off between Moslem leaders in Suleja Emirate, and Southern Nigeria, and the Supreme head of Moslems in Nigeria, the Sultan of Sokoto, Saa'ad Abubarkar 111, which resulted in Moslem faithfuls in the Emirate and Southern Nigeria celebrating Sallah on Monday, 8th December, 2008 instead of Sunday 7th, as directed by the Sultan, has been linked to the 2011 presidential ambition of Nigeria's one time military President, rtd. General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida(also known as IBB).

chidi opara reports authoritatively learnt that the retired General's ambition have hitherto received blessings in strategic power circuits, the Sokoto Caliphate, which is the domain of the Sultan, inclusive.

"When President Yar'Adua indicated interest for a second term, all those who have already endorsed the General, including the Sultan, started shifting to that direction", a well placed IBB insider, who is a retired military officer told chidi opara reports in Kaduna.

When we approached a close Yar'Adua confidant in Abuja with the question of whether the President is considering running for a second term, he simply retorted, "why not?".

There has been assumption that due to the President's ill health, he will do only one term which will terminate on 29th May, 2011. Based on this assumption, which the President's body language endorsed, the IBB-Odili enormous political machine was revived in readiness for the 2011 presidential election. This revival, we learnt, included getting the endorsement of key political, traditional and religious figures in the country. The cart, according to knowledgeable contacts, began to turn when the President suddenly began to prepare for a second term. "Why should the Sultan as a father to all of us, support the President and IBB for the same cause, at the same time? Can't he advise the President to go and look after his health after one term?", our IBB insider complained.

chidi opara reports further learnt on good authority that following what IBB regarded as "treachery of the Sultan", the former military leader have deployed human and material resources within the Suleja Emirate and amongst Southern Nigeria Moslem leaders to whittle down the huge influence of the Sultan. "We will continue to instigate challenge to his leadership of Moslem faithfuls till he learns to do things the right way", another IBB insider confided in chidi opara reports.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Nigeria's Major Oil State Governor Launders Image With Cultural Festival

The Rivers State cultural festival tagged "Carniriv"' which is scheduled to last for two days(5th and 6th December, 2008) is designed primarily to give the state Government under Mr. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi an image laundry from the battering the Administration's image received when the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission(EFCC) arrested and arraigned some of the Adminisration's principal officers in court recently. Rivers State is a major crude oil producing State in Nigeria.

Investigations by chidi opara reports in Portharcourt revealed that although the cultural festival has been in existence, the Amaechi Administration revived it mainly to wash off the EFCC mud. "We are not fools, they must account for all the monies they are wasting", a worker in the state secreatariat complex told chidi opara reports. "Do you know that teachers have not been paid for three months now?", our contact complained further. We were however, unable to independently confirm this at the time of posting this report.

Further investigations revealed that despite the emergency declared on Education for instance, facilities in this sector is still in a pitiable situation. It is also discovered that infrastructures in other sectors are in similar situation. "We are talking of carniriv, whereas an average classroom has more than one hundred students, no seats, no writing materials, the man is only embarking on populist white elephant projects to hoodwink us", an opposition politician now working with the Administration told us.

chidi opara reports however, witnessed construction works going on in some parts of Portharcourt. We also saw more than a hundred students in one small class room, with most standing during a lecture in one government owned secondary school in the D/line area of Portharcourt.

The Rivers State Government on its website, however, maintained that "carniriv" will help project the rich cultures of the state to the world as well as helping to boost its tourism potentials. The State Government have declared friday, 5th December,2008 as public holiday.

Critics however, insist that as desirable as cultural festivals may be, the timing must be right, because according to another civil servant in the State, "we must feed well and generally live well before showcasing our cultures".

An update filed in(0938hrs on 5th December,2008)by a chidi opara reports' network member in Portharcourt indicates that the festival is holding in a very tight security atmosphere with the Joint taskforce on security(JTF)manning all the major road intersections in the State capital. Helicopter gunships, according to this update can be seen hovering overhead. "Vehicular and human traffic is strictly restricted in Portharcourt", the report further revealed.