Wednesday, 16 January 2008

"Dr. Judith Asuni Is Actually A Spy" Says Former MEND Operative.

The leader of Academic Associates Peaceworks, a non- governmental organization which claims to work for peace in Nigeria, especially in the Niger Delta region, Dr. Judith Asuni has been described as "a subtle spy" by a fellow who claimed to be a former operative of Movement For The Emancipation Of Niger Delta(MEND).

The self-proclaimed former MEND operative who preferred to be called "Johnston" in a telephone chat with us claimed that "Dr.Asuni through her NGO has maps of the locations of important oil and gas platforms in the Niger Delta region which she makes available sometimes to MEND to help it in its attacks".

Asked why Dr. Judith Asuni, an American born Nigerian citizen,who has lived most of her life in Nigeria, would be doing this, he replied "my brother, oil and gas politics is very complex,dont you know that Dr. Asuni is one of those who represents American interests in oil and gas politics in Nigeria?".Asked to throw more light on his allegation,he dropped the call.

Dr. Judith Asuni was last year charged by the Federal Government Of Nigeria for spying alongside two German journalists and a Nigerian staff of Dr. Asuni's, the charges were later dropped. While the saga lasted, Dr. Asuni insisted on her innocence.

Mr. mujahid Dokubo-Asari, one of the key militant leaders in the Niger Delta region last year in an interview with accused Dr. Asuni and the erstwhile MEND spokesman, Mr. Henry Okah, who is currently in detention in Angola on allegation of gun-running, of complicity in the wave of criminality in the region in the name of militancy.

Academic Associates Peaceworks,Dr. Asuni's NGO claims to be active in the promotion of peace in the Niger Delta region.

When contacted for comments, MEND spokesman said that "the militants were born in the creeks where the oil and gas facilities are built and as such does not need anybody's help to locate them". Academic Associates Peaceworks,Dr. Asuni's organization have not replied to our enquiry so far.