Monday, 28 January 2008


Senator Nuhu Aliyu's list of fraudsters in the Nigerian senate may not see the light of day, if the current pressure being mounted on the Senator by diverse interests persists.

Sources in the National Assembly hinted to us that since Senator Aliyu made the statement that there are fraudsters in the Senate and was ready to submit the list, intense pressure have been mounted on him by diverse interests who feel threatened by his disclosure.

Before coming to the Senate, Senator Aliyu was of the Nigerian Police where he rose to become a Deputy Inspector-General, with investigations as one of his portfolios, he is a two-time Senator and have also headed the Senate committee on National security.

Last week was not the first time Senator Nuhu Aliyu made this disclosure,he had done that in the last Senate, but was ignored.

Sources said that Senator Aliyu who has re-located to a village in Plateau State and switched off his mobile telephone line to stave off pressure is ready to submit the list whenever the Senate leadership demand for it.

"Going by the amount of pressure on the Senator, his family and friends, one doubts if the man will summon enough courage to submit the list at the end of the day" a source volunteered.

A top Police source however, informed us that Senator Aliyu's list is likely to be the same one that was sent to the Presidency by the Police on the eve of the 2007 general elections, which the Presidency ignored due to the fact that most names on the list are politicians in the good books of the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidency.

The leadership of the Senate,had mandated its Ethics and Priviledges committee to investigate Aliyu's allegation.

Calls to the mobile telephone line of Senate spokesman,Senator Ayogu Eze at the weekend, did not go through.