Saturday, 16 February 2008


On Thursday, February 14, 2008, the governments of Angola and Nigeria carried out a secret illegal extradition of Mr. Henry Okah back to Nigeria.

Henry was beaten, shackled in ankle, cuff chained and blind-folded with a hood before being flown out of Angola under the cover of night to an undisclosed location. But it is believed that he was flown into Nigeria and he is being held somewhere in the northern part of the country.

Henry and another innocent individual had spent five gruelling months under the most inhospitable conditions in Angolan jails since September 3, 2007 when he was arrested on trumped up charge of gun running. Later, when the Angolan government at the behest of the Nigerian government could not sustain the charge in Angolan courts, they added a new frame up of sponsoring a failed coup in Equatorial Guinea.

All these charges Henry denied because he is innocent. But during the ordeal in that country where there are no laws of civilised conduct (as attested to by the Nigerian government in its only statement so far on Henry’s illegal detention), Henry was tortured and starved to no end in other to extract implicative statements from him. For a long time, he was denied his request of a Bible in the dungeon.

Having exhausted their tricks to do the innocent businessman in, the government of President Yar’Adua had gone back to its initial plan of extraditing Henry back from a country it has no treaty with. We do not know what the Nigerian government wants to do to him secretly.

Be it known that the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) is following keenly the moves of the government to pin on Henry, bogus and unfounded charges. Such actions are unacceptable to the Supreme Command of MEND. For now, we appeal for calm to the peace loving people of the Niger Delta as we all watch to see the governments’ next line of action.


The Inspector-general of the Nigerian Police(IG),Mr. Mike Okiro has refused to answer a summon from Nigeria's immediate past President, Rtd. General Olusegun Obasanjo when the latter invited him in connection with the Police equipment fund saga.

We have been reliably informed that when the IG decided to move against the facilitator of the fund, Mr.Kenny Martins, twin brother of one of Obasanjo's lovers, the plan leaked to Obasanjo and the immediate past President sensing that the IG's action was capable of opening a can of worms thereby further rubbishing his already bathered anti-corruption credentials, called Mr. Okiro requesting the IG to see him unfailingly the next day, to the former President's surprise, according to our source, the IG did not show up, prompting the retired General to dispatch one of his aides to Abuja to personally deliever the summon.

We were further informed that the summon was delievered to Mr. Okiro, but throughout the period in question, Mr. Okiro neither saw the ex-President nor call to indicate a possible date on which he could answer the summon.

The source further told us that even though the ex-President took the matter calmly, he nevertheless, felt very unhappy, mainly due to the fact that he influenced the appointment of the IG. The Police Inspector-general was appointed over his senior, Mr. Ogbonnaya Onovo on the prompting of Obasanjo. We have not been able to confirm so far, if the ex-President reported the matter to the President.

At the onset of the present administration, following the imminient retirement of the erstwhile Inspector-general of Police, Mr. Sunday Ehindero,the President Mr. Umar Yar'Adua had ordered Mr. Ehindero to hand over to the most senior officer, consequently, the erstwhile IG started making preparations for the handover to Mr. Onovo who at that time was the most senior Police officer, but the handover was not to be as Obasanjo was said to have used his influence to truncate it. He was said to have promptly recommended the present IG, who was subsequently, handed the reins of authority.It is widely believed that Obasanjo installed Yar'Adua in power.

The Nigerian Police equipment fund was a scheme initiated by a group of Nigerians to raise fund from the public for the enhancement of Police operations,ever since the scheme was launched, accusations of fraud have marred its proper take off.

The House of Representatives, Nigeria's lower federal parliament is currently probing the administration of the fund.

When we called the office of the IG, a female voice who answered the call told us that the IG was not available. She promised to deliever our message to the IG, whom she said will return the call, this has not been done so far.