Thursday, 21 February 2008


Contrary to the widely reported claim by MEND spokesman that Mr. Henry Okah,a leading member of that body was forcefully repatriated to Nigeria from Angola and the subsequent claim that he died in custody as a result of gunshot wound from interrogators,we can now authoritatively report that Mr. Okah is hale and hearty,he had only minor pains as a result of the journey from Angola to Nigeria in a military aircraft which was not very comfortable compared to the mode of travel the MEND chieftain was used to.

We also gathered and can now report that Mr. Okah's journey to Nigeria was as a result of intense negotiations between the Governments of Nigeria, Angola, south Africa, where Okah resides and his wife, with the United States of America as the moderator. We could not get details of the agreement reached by the parties,our security sources in Abuja insisted that the contents of the agreement is classified.

It was further revealed to us that another reason why Mr. Okah willingly accepted to be flown to Nigeria for trial, was because of Nigerian president's pledge of strict adherence to the rule of law,he was also said to have embraced this option because of the apparent Nigerian Government's casual attitude to the cases of separatist leaders who are currently standing trials for treason and other serious political offences.

Further reasons for the MEND leader's journey to Nigeria was because the Angolan Government did not have substantial evidence to arraign him in court and does not want to continue detaining him, fearing that militants in Angola may establish contact with the Nigerian militant leader.

We are aware but have not been able to confirm that the South African Government will be unwilling to renew Mr. Okah's residency so as to avoid a situation where separatist elements in that country will align with the Niger Delta activist.

When Mr.Henry Okah arrived Abuja, our sources further hinted, he was feeling a bit tired with slight pains as a result of the hectic journey.The following morning, he had a close door meeting with two operatives from the office of the National Security Adviser, before being driven to Zamfara State, where he is being held in alternate locations, arrangements are however, on to relocate him to another Northern State, we have not so far confirmed the location. The MEND leader who is said to be co-operating with interrogators is to secretly meet with the Nigerian vice-president, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, also an Ijaw soon.

Mr. Okah's co-operation with interrogators, according to sources inside MEND, is causing panic in the body of Militants and their sponsors.We gathered authoritaively that most of the sponsors of MEND are now out of the country from where they monitor developments.