Tuesday, 4 March 2008


The federal government of Nigeria and their oil and gas major contractors namely: SHELL,CHEVRON, ELF, AGIP and MOBIL have commenced demolition of the freedom fighter image of Mr. Henry Okah, the detained leader of the MOVEMENT FOR THE EMMANCIPATION OF NIGER DELTA(MEND), constructed by the MEND makeshift publicity machinary.

The Henry Okah freedom fighter image demolition project is being financed by the public affairs division of NIGERIAN NATIONAL PETROLEUM CORPORATION(NNPC), with hefty financial contributions from the oil and gas major contractors and being co-ordinated by the chief publicist to the Nigerian President, Mr. olusegun Adeniyi and an African-American male staffer of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA embassy in Abuja. We have not been to get the name of the African-American so far.

We got a tip-off and commenced discreet investigations on information that Mr. Adeniyi was holding secret meetings with some Editors of news media, with the aim of enlisting them into the Henry Okah project. We can now report that the meetings has been concluded and huge amounts running into millions of Naira paid to these Editors for the project.

We learnt on good authority that the presidency and the oil and gas majors were worried at how Mr. Okah whom they regard as a terrorist or at best a common criminal was being set up by his organization as an innocent businessman who hates injustice and consequently decided to assist freedom fighters in his IJAW ethnic homeland. The fear is that this type of image if not demolished will unleash an avalanche of agitations by international human rights organizations for the unconditional release of the MEND chieftain.

We were further informed that the scheme was tested when some print news media published a photograph of a man of Henry Okah's height and body built, face covered with hood, strapped with assault rifle and its accesories. The photograph was presented as that of Okah on the battle frontline. The publication, sources inside MEND told us, eroded to a very significant extent, efforts made by the body so far to enlist key international human rights organizations in the free Henry Okah campaign.

It is expected that there will be a frenzy of anti-Henry Okah/MEND subtle propaganda in some mainstream news media in Nigeria in the coming weeks and months.