Sunday, 29 June 2008

Nigeria On The Verge Of Disintergration

If adequate caution is not applied, Nigeria, the geo-political entity put together in 1914 for administrative purposes by a British colonial officer, Lord Luggard, may soon disintergrate.

This disturbing fact was unearthed from reports filed by our reporters in Kaduna, Kano, Enugu, Owerri, Portharcourt, Warri, Ibadan and Lagos.

chidi opara reports gathered in Portharcourt and Warri, that leaders of Niger Delta region are not happy with the recent deployment of troops and naval warships to the region, a situation that have made some of the civil population to leave their homelands. The Niger Delta conference is another source of anger to the leaders of the region. The thinking within the ranks of these leaders is that "the conference is unnecesary". They have however, packaged an "alternative proposal to be forwarded to the Presidency and the National Assembly". Highlights of the proposal, obtained by chidi opara reports, are "resource control" and "creation of more states and local government Areas in the region". The body language of the Niger Delta leaders indicate no compromise on the proposal.

In Kaduna and Kano, chidi opara reports found out that leaders of the North, who appear to have profound hold on the Presidency, are of the opinion that enough have already been done for the Niger Delta, whose under development they opine, should be blamed on the leaders of the oil bearing region. In the thinking of Northern leaders, the Presidency should apply the military and legal options, "if the leaders of Niger Delta cannot call their youths to order". These Northern leaders we can now report, have informally resolved to monitor the proposed Niger Delta conference, with the aim of calling out their youths for agitations, "if the conference recommendations give the Niger Delta advantage over the North".

The position of the leaders of South-West in Ibadan and Lagos are not very clear. In some cases, they will go with the Niger Delta, while in some, their sympathy will go with the North. They are however, said not to be averse to mobilizing their youths for a showdown, "should the agitation in Niger Delta be resolved in favour of violence".

Despite the often mentioned materialistic disposition of the leaders of South-East, chidi opara reports discovered in Enugu and Owerri that the leaders are increasingly becoming converted to the gospel of using violence as an instrument of political negotiations. These south eastern leaders, though not showing open support for the Biafra agitation, have vowed "not to discourage them if they start anything again".

What all these point to, according to a strategically placed security source is that "Nigeria may soon disintergate".