Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Defence And Diplomatic Sources Insist Yar'Adua Invited British Military

The recent interview granted a Nigerian daily newspaper by the President's chief Publicist, Mr. Olusegun Adeniyi to the effect that the President, Mr. Umaru Yar'Adua have not at any time contemplated inviting the British military to help curb the restiveness in the Niger Delta region, have been described by Defence and Diplomatic sources as an exercise in grand deception.

chidi opara reports have been informed by a well placed Diplomatic source in Abuja, Nigeria's capital city that "Mr. Yar'Adua actually approached Britain for military assistance at the G8 summit". This request, according to a Defence source also in Abuja, "resulted in the signing of the military assistance agreement in London".

When we sought to know why the Presidency spokesman engaged in this kind of deception, a source in the office of the National security Adviser informed us that "the information is necesary for the success of the operation".

It will be recalled that chidi opara reports recently published a news report titled "Niger Delta Militancy; Britain Considers Unorthodox Security Options", in which we divulged that the military assistance Britain may offer to Nigeria may be in the area of "unorthodox security operations" namely: "Precision hits", in which targeted militant leaders would be assasinated using special aircrafts fitted with sophisticated cameras and rifles, and "Snatch operations", in which specially trained troopers will storm militants camps to kidnap targeted militant leaders. These operations we reported then may be code named "Operation baby hawk".

A Defence Attachee in one of the embassies in Abuja whom we contacted on phone for comment, informed us that the President's chief Publicist's recent news briefing "may be a strategic damage control measure taken because of the leakage of the operation".