Sunday, 30 November 2008

Police Service Commission In Cold War With Nigerian Presidency Over Nuhu Ribadu

The belated presentation of certificate and insignia of the Senior Executive course 30 of the Nigerian Institute Of Policy And Strategic Studies(NIPSS) to Mr. Nuhu Ribadu, erstwhile Chairman of the Economic And Financial Crimes Commission(EFCC) has pitched the Police Service Commission(PSC) with the Nigerian Presidency in a cold war.

Mr. Ribadu was prevented by Security Operatives acting on "orders from above" from participating in the graduation ceremony at NIPSS on 22nd November, 2008.

The PSC, a body established to oversee the recruitment, promotion, e.t.c of the senior ranks cadre of the Nigerian Police, chidi opara reports learnt on good authority, had insisted in a secret meeting with the President that if Nuhu Ribadu is allowed to graduate from NIPSS, "it will mean that his demotion to the rank of Deputy Commissioner of Police is of no effect". The President we learnt further, had promised the PSC delegation that "he will do something about the matter". The PSC had demoted Mr, Ribadu while he was already at NIPSS, from the rank of Assistant Inspector-general of Police, to the rank of Deputy Commissioner. Deputy Commissioners Of Police are not eligible to attend the NIPSS Senior Executive course.

"The something which Mr. President promised PSC was what happened at NIPSS", another knowledgeable contact revealed to a chidi opara reports' network member.

checks in Abuja revealed that following widespread condemnation of the way Ribadu was treated at the venue of the NIPSS graduation ceremony and mainly because of pressures from the Governments of United Kingdom(UK) and the United States Of America(USA)to the Nigerian Presidency, "to backdown on the Nuhu Ribadu matter for now", following our expose of the involvement of the two Nations in the matter, the Presidency made a rebound and ordered NIPSS to decorate the former EFCC Chairman.

This Presidential order, chidi opara reports learnt further, is not sitting well with PSC members, who saw the recent decoration of Ribadu by NIPSS as a humiliation. "Members have vowed not to co-operate with the Presidency in similar matters in future", a PSC contact whispered to chidi opara reports.