Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Nigeria's Police Service Commission Dismisses Former Anti-corruption Commission Chief From Service

Information reaching chidi opara reports has it that Mr. Nuhu Ribadu, former Chairman of Economic And Financial Crimes Commission(EFCC), have been dismissed from service by the Police Service Commission(PSC), a body vested with powers to recruit, promote, discipline, etc, the senior ranks cadre of the Nigerian Police Force, with the exception of the Inspector-general Of Police(IG).

The PSC had in a meeting today deliberated on "the Nuhu Ribadu matter" and unanimously returned a verdict of guilt against the former EFCC chairman who recently shunned a Police disciplinary committee summon. The PSC consequently dismissed him from the Nigerian Police force.

The PSC had earlier demoted Mr. Ribadu from the rank of Assistant Inspector-general of Police to Deputy commissioner. The former anti-corruption Chieftain is currently challenging his demotion in court.

Since february this year when Mr. Ribadu was removed as the Chairman of EFCC, in what was widely believed to be a scheme to kill the anti-corruption movement which gathered unprecedented momentum during the years Ribadu was head of the anti-corruption commission, the former EFCC chairman had endured one form of humiliation or the other, the most recent being when he was forcefully removed from the senior executive course 30 graduation ceremony of the Nigerian Institute Of Policy And Strategic Studies(NIPSS),in the presence of his immediate family and invitees. Ribadu, who participated in and completed the course, was subsequently given his graduation certificate in a separate private ceremony.

Details of the PSC meeting is still so far sketchy, but what is not sketchy is the fact that the meeting was at the instance of the IG of Police with the approval of the Presidency.

A chidi opara reports network member in Abuja, who tried to get details of the meeting, met a stone wall from PSC members. This network member reported that all efforts to reach the PSC spokesperson, Miss Comfort Obi have so far proved abortive.