Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Nigeria's Adhoc Security Commanding Officer Breaches Proceedure, Submits "Tompolo" List Direct To President.

The action of a Joint Taskforce On Security(JTF) Commanding Officer, Lt. Colonel A.T Lawal in submitting the list allegedly found at the "Camp Five" operations base of Mr. Government Ekpemupolo(AKA Tompolo) direct to the President, in clear breach of proceedure is presently causing disquiet in military circles, chidi opara reports have been reliably informed.

Our information has it that on the day "Camp Five" fell, with the former dreaded militant leader on the run, a JTF unit led by one Lt. Abdulmalik stormed the camp and commenced an intensive search. A few minutes after the commencement of the search, Lt. Colonel A.T Lawal under whose command, Abdulmalik operates arrived. Further into the search, chidi opara reports learnt, a Lance corporal stumbled on a pile of papers and brought it to the attention of Lt. Abdulmalik, who on separating the pile discovered a list of names, a visitors book, military operational manual, amongst others. Our information further has it that as soon as Abdulmalik sighted these strategic findings, he alerted Lawal, who took the papers and immediately flew to Abuja in his operations helicopter and handed the lot directly to the President. chidi opara reports is so far not privy to how the Lt. Colonel gained direct access to the President.

What we can confirm is that the JTF Commander, the Chief of Army Staff, the Chief of Defence Staff, and the National Security Adviser, heard of the findings through the President.
Military insiders insist that the action of Lt. Colonel Lawal was a serious breach of proceedure. They opined that the Commanding officer would have submitted the findings to the JTF Commander, his immediate boss, who would channel same through the hierachies, till it gets to the President as annexe to a security report. Another group of military insiders however, revealed that the findings indicted Lawal's superiors, hence the bypass.

Lt. Abdulmalik, meanwhile, have been transfered out of JTF, his new posting, chidi opara reports learnt on good authority is a closely guarded secret at Army headquarters.