Monday, 31 August 2009

Publisher Of Prudence International Magazine Makes Case For Nigeria(News Release)

                                                   Map Of Nigeria

Bothered by the continual negative image of the African nation of Nigeria, portrayed by the mainstream Western media, Prudence International Magazine Publisher Samson O. Agbebi have decided that it is time to act.

After hearing a report of the National Conference of Black Mayors (NCBM), whose delegation recently returned from Nigeria, Agbebi said that now is the time to make a case for Nigeria's positive image in the world.
"The delegation from the black mayors saw the real Nigeria and I applaud its report," said the Prudence International Magazine publisher.
"I am officially going on record stating that Prudence International Magazine believes the positive image of Nigeria is being ignored by the Western media," said Agbebi.

"I commend the National Conference of Black Mayors for its visit to Nigeria," said Agbebi. "The delegation has placed itself in the midst of a significant renaissance campaign. That campaign re-brands the Nigerian image from a negative one to a positive one."

Prudence International Magazine publisher, Agbebi said that the NCBM delegation witnessed the strength, competencies and potential of a country that the Western mainstream media had portrayed as the most corrupt nation in Africa and the world.
"This negative portrayal affects the image and integrity of Nigeria and its citizens all over the world," he said.

Agbebi listed several positive points concerning Nigeria, which the Western media  ignored.
These include:
•Nigeria stands as the fourth largest peace keeping nation in the world.
•When Citibank in Nigeria was at the point of collapse, a Nigerian bank bailed it out.
•Nigeria's capitalization at the New York Exchange is close to 65%.
•Nigerians carry over 75% of the workforce population of foreign nationals in healthcare in the U.S. and Britain.
•The Chevrolet electric car soon to be introduced to the market was designed by a Nigerian.
•A Nigerian immigrant, who worked himself up the corporate and entrepreneur ladder in the United States, now owns the largest black-owned engineering firm in the United States (Chester Engineers, Inc.).
"I find it disturbing when none of the Western media focuses on the strengths that Nigeria offers the world community. Western media fails to focus on the qualities that make Nigeria a great nation. Obviously, there are many great things about Nigeria that the Western media refuses to discuss," he said.
"If Nigeria is as bad as it is portrayed, why do so many Lebanese, Asians, Americans, Chinese and Britons live and do business there?" asks Agbebi.

In the Nigeria of today, Nigerian business would hardly bid for and win a government contract without the involvement of these foreign nationals, often called expatriates or technical consultants, according to the Prudence International Magazine publisher.
Agbebi also challenged Nigerians throughout the world to become part of the positive-image campaign for their homeland.

"Where ever they are in the world, Nigerians must realize that the fight and fate of Nigeria is in their hands," said Agbebi. "To make this a success, all Nigerians must be committed to the Nigerian renaissance campaign." "It is crucial for Nigerians abroad, especially those in the United States to work with the likes of Mayor Eugene Grant of Seat Pleasant and rest of the Black Mayors that have the right perception of the country to change the negative portrayal round. " The publisher concluded.

As the National Conference of Black Mayors convention takes place in Las Vegas October 20-25, 2009, The publisher of Prudence International Magazine called on Nigerians to turn out and support the convention of which the Nigerian President, Umaru Yar' Adua is scheduled to be the Keynote Speaker.

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