Friday, 26 November 2010

Open Letter: Imo State Judicial Service Commission Protecting Chief Magistrate Victoria Isiguzo

Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha
This is to alert the general public that the Imo State Judicial Service Commission is protecting a well known Judicial Hatchet woman, Mrs. Victoria Isiguzo
It is a notorious fact that the judicial activities of this magistrate have sent so many innocent citizens of Imo state to unjust imprisonment. This writer is a victim. Despite complaints to the Imo State Judicial Service Commission concerning the Judicial activities of Mrs. Isiguzo, the situation have remained the same.

the Commission have intentionally refused to act. The National Human Rights Commission have formally written to the Commission on the need to set up a disciplinary committee to investigate Mrs. Isiguzo, till this moment the woman have continued to preside over Magistrate Court one. The Network On Police Reform In Nigeria(NOPRIN) also called on the Imo State Chief Judge to investigate this same judicial hatchet Woman. Many months after these calls, she is still presiding over a Magistrate Court in Owerri .

This letter is to alert the general public that the plot to protect Mrs. Victoria Isiguzo will never stand .The Chief Judge of Imo State is therefore humbly requested to commence full investigation on this magistrate. More steps would taken to expose the activities of Imo State Judiciary if Mrs. Victoria Isiguzo is not investigated and shown the way out.

The time to discipline Chief magistrate Victoria Isiguzo is now.


Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha

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