Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Editorial: chidi opara reports; Three Years After

Today, 9th December, 2010 is our third year anniversary. We published our first news report on the 9th of December, 2007.

The challenges of online news publishing in a country like Nigeria was and still remain enormous.

We started publishing when news reporters were maimed and killed almost on daily basis on the streets of major cities of Nigeria, with law enforcement agencies watching helplessly.

It was also an era when the authorities viewed online news reporters as a new set of enemies to be dealt with , with the full dose of their powers.

It was also a period of time when the Oil and Gas war in the Niger Delta region was at its peak with security forces hoarding information like essential commodities in war time and turning round to accuse news reporters of  giving prominence to the militants, who incidentally, were more liberal with information.

These are however not the only major problems. Another major problem was and still is, the unfriendly attitude of news reporters who are older on the scene, who for some strange reasons were and are still devising ways to rubbish the credibility of new publications that did not emanate from their friends. This is not to over look the unwillingness of individuals and groups who flaunt progressive credentials to offer unconditional financial assistance to new publications as a major problem.

It has not been all tales of woes. There were encouraging moments like when readers make out time to objectively criticize or appreciate us through e-mails, telephone calls and comments.

While we look forward to a brighter future, we will not fail to use this opportunity to thank all those who in one way or the other, especially our numerous contacts, assisted us in this self imposed task of empowering the people with credible news information.

To all chidi opara reports' network members, we can only say thank you for now. Some day, when the atmosphere is conducive, your identities and the extent of your sacrifices would be made known to the world.

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