Wednesday, 15 December 2010

News Release: Allegations Against Former ASUU Chairman By Governor Of Rivers State

Governor Amaechi
The attention of the Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Laws (IHRHL) have been drawn to an alleged statement credited to Governor Chibuike Amaechi the Governor of Rivers State at the Gateway Church, Port Harcourt Sunday December 12, 2010 to the effect that Ms Jaja, was responsible for the closing down of the two Universities in the state. For the avoidance of doubt, Ms Jaja was the immediate past Chairman of the Academic Union of Staff Universities (ASUU) Rivers State Chapter.

This is a very dangerous and castigating statement coming from the Governor of Rivers State who is expected to express utmost diplomacy and tact in the handling of state affairs and guarantee the Constitutional rights of every citizen in the state especially the right to freedom of association. The IHRHL frowns upon the cavalier attitude with which a very central matter like the prolong strike action in our Universities and its attendant implication on education, the general population and society is being handled.

To reduce a high profile matter to one person from the ASUU is in keeping with the logic of the State government in turning a clear issue of the Implementation of an agreement which ASUU reached with the Federal Government into a personal and vindictive one.

The IHRHL notes that what is at issue is the standard and quality of education in our Institutions where infrastructural decay, impunity, low quality of education, lack of transparency in governance have become the rule rather than the exception under this leadership.

Democracy and its processes must mean not the dictates of a government or governor but must include all views no matter how irrational it might seem or opposed to the views of the government of the State.

The IHRHL also calls on Clergymen not to allow their pulpits to be uses as platforms for Political calumny and demonising of respectable members of the society. The IHRHL also call on the Security agents to pay attention to the safety of Ms. Jaja, as agents of politicians usually go on their own whims to clamp down  perceived opponents of their principals.

Nkasi Wodu Esq.
Program Officer ESC Rights Unit
Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (IHRHL)

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