Friday, 31 December 2010

News Report: Man Accused Of Fabricating Christmas Message From MEND Responds

Tony Uranta
Mr. Tony Uranta, the man accused by the Movement For The Emancipation Of Niger Delta(MEND) of fabricating christmas message and purported it to have emerged from the group have responded.

Mr. Uranta in an e-mail sent to chidi opara reports and some news media said that someone using the e-mail account of the MEND spokesperson forwarded the said message to him which he inturn forwarded to some of his friends whom he said are media people.

Below is Tony Uranta's e-mail:

"Gentlemen of the 4th Estate of the realm,

Below find the mail forwarded to me ostensibly from Jomo Gbomo. Please note that the email addresses of the two Jomo notes are EXACTLY the same! How does one then distinguish between a "real" or a "faked" Gbomo mail?!

As has been my wont re interesting communications, for over three years, I merely re-forwarded the mail to a some folk on friends-list....some of these friends are media-folk like you. There has been a desire to discredit one via cyberstrife, but truth is so transparently stronger than lies....

Judge for yourselves, please....was the first mail a hoax? If so, by whom? Ask Mr. Gbomo if I have EVER had access to his mailbox passwords...! Who is trying to fool whom in this case?


MEND's spokesperson, Gbomo Jomo however responded thus: 
"This desperate act by Mr Uranta by fabricating MEND's email address only shows that the goverment has absolutely no plans to dialogue but rather to continue to fool the world that Goodluck Joanthan is in control of the Niger Delta issues but only time will tell as we will continue with our plans and continue to issue statements of attacks regardless of Mr Uranta,s stupidity".

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