Friday, 10 December 2010

Report: Nigeria’s Human Rights Record Worsening

Jonathan: Nigerian President
The human rights situation In Nigeria is worsening. According a report by Maplecroft’s Human Rights Risk Atlas 2011 that calculates and maps the risk of complicity in human rights abuses Maplecroft, which chidi opara reports obtained. Other countries with same records are; Pakistan, China, Russia, Colombia, Bangladesh, India, Philippines and Mexico.

The Maplecroft reports says that there are now 92 countries in the ‘extreme’ and ‘high risk’ categories, There were 83 countries in these categories last year, an increase of nearly 10%. The report said further that it is the emerging economies that cause the most concern, it said multinational companies and investors have considerable interests in these economies, but that strong economic growth is not translated into improvement of human rights. The report hints that this poses legal, reputation, operational and strategic challenges for business.

The Human Rights Risk Atlas 2011 was released today, December 10th, 2010 for the International Human Rights Day. The report evaluated 196 countries on their performance in 30 human rights categories; human security, labour standards and protections, civil and political rights and access to remedy.

Views full report here.

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