Saturday, 9 January 2010

News Release: Chevron Makaraba Pipeline Attack

The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) salutes the courageous and patriotic fighters of the Niger Delta who carried out the attack on the Chevron Makaraba pipeline in Delta state on Friday, January 8, 2010. Typically, the Nigerian military is still investigating the veracity of this reported attack.

This attack was sanctioned by MEND but did not involve our fighters. The attack exposes the continued vulnerability of the oil industry infrastructure and the resolve of the people of the Niger Delta to fight for their land.

General Abbe, the current defense minister and his cohorts, rather than encourage the government of Nigeria to address the core issues as demanded by true agitators for justice in the Niger Delta, is still inaugurating one dubious committee after another in a bid to continue stealing funds supposedly allocated to the development of the Niger Delta. He along with other criminals claimed to be disbursing funds to 20,000 militants when those actively involved in fighting the Nigerian military over the last two years do not exceed five thousand, a majority of whom had nothing to do with the governments amnesty.

As stated after our attack on the oil pipeline at Abonema Rivers state on December 19, 2009, the movement for the emancipation of the Niger Delta is reviewing its indefininate ceasefire announced on Sunday,October 9, 2009 and will announce its position on or before January 30, 2010.

Meanwhile, it is interesting to observe the double standards of the Nigerian government who sent representatives from its embassy in the US to witness the opening trial of the Al-Qaeda bomber from Northern Nigeria; providing him diplomatic support.

When two Southern Niger Delta indigenes were arrested on trumped -up charges of gun-running in Angola in 2007, not a single representative from the embassy showed up in the six months they were detained in Angolan prison.

This only confirms the disdain with which the people of the Niger Delta are looked upon by the Nigerian government.

Jomo Gbomo