Sunday, 7 February 2010

Photonews: Anambra State Governorship Election; The Top Contenders

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Editorial: The Dora Akunyili Hoopla

The Nigerian Minister of Information and Communications, Professor Dora Akunyili recently wrote a memo to the Executive Council of the Federation, also known as the Federal Executive Council(FEC).

In the said memo, Professor Akunyili asked her colleagues to pass a resolution advising the ailing President, who have been out of the country since november, 2009 for medical reasons, to forward the necessary constitutional instrument to empower the Vice-president to assume duties as acting President to the appropriate quarters.

The Minister's memo is obviously a reaction to weeks of agitations by a cross-section of Nigerians calling on the sick President to follow the path of  constitutionalism by handing over authority to his deputy in acting capacity.

The memo which was leaked to the public before it could reach the Council, have been generating intense reactions, principal of which is the image of a defender of due process being pinned on the Minister.

Truly, Dora Akunyili's previous sojourns at the Petroleum Trust Fund(PTF) and the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control(NAFDAC), showcased her as a forthright public official.

This forthright image was however jettisoned when she was invited on board the Yar'Adua administration.

As Minister of Information and Communications, it has been the lot of Professor Akunyili to defend policies and programmes of the Yar'Adua administration, most of which are anti-people and a negation of what she hitherto stood for.

The present crisis is clearly a fall out of the President's refusal to hand over authority to his deputy before travelling to Saudi Arabia, this anomaly could not have been unknown to the Minister, yet we do not know of any efforts on her path to get the Council to advise the President to do the right thing.

Even when it became obvious that the President's stay in hospital would be long and agitations were on to force him to do the right thing, Madam Minister's voice was not heard. Now, after weeks of agitations by various segments of the citizenry both in the country and abroad, the Minister came up with her "courageous memo" and behold the nation is now abuzz with the Dora Akunyili hoopla.

chidi opara reports is of the opinion that the sooner Nigerians do away with this attitude of "flash in the pan heros", the better it would be for the nation.