Saturday, 27 February 2010

News Report: Nigeria's Acting President Yet To Have Access To Category "A" Classfied Information Vault

Nigeria's Acting President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, is yet to have access to the cateory "A" classified Information vault located in the inner chamber of the President's office. The unlock code of the vault is only known to Presidents and Heads of State of the Federation. Any President or Head of State can however, change the code.

Presidency insiders have revealed to chidi Opara reports that the President's office have remained under lock since the President left to Saudi Arabia on November, 2010 for health reasons.

We also learnt authoritatively that even when Dr. Jonathan became Acting President, the President's office where he is supposed to use as his new office is still under lock on the instruction of the President's Chief Security Officer, who is believed to be receiving instructions only from the President's first wife, Mrs. Turai Yar'Adua.

An attempt by the Acting President's Chief Security detail, acting on orders from Dr. Jonathan, to investigate the matter recently, we learnt, nearly resulted in a bloody clash between him and the President's Chief Security Officer. The investigation was reportedly, promptly stopped on orders from the Acting President.

One senior Presidency contact informed chidi opara reports that the meeting scheduled between the Acting President and Mrs. Yar'Adua has opening of the President's office for use by Dr. Jonathan as the main issue. "Even if he can enter the office, he cannot unlock the vault, except if the President reveals the code to him", our contact revealed. We have not been able so far to independently confirm if the meeting held or not.

The category "A" classified Information vault, according to high level security contacts, contains very sensitive Information which the President or Head of State needs to take very strategic decissions.

Our independent investigation revealed that the President's home coming against the advice of his doctors is mainly to forestall planned legal moves by the Acting President  to gain access to the President's office and the Information vault. chidi opara reports also learnt that denying the Acting President access to the vault has the blessing of Nigeria's former military Heads of State, some of whom we learnt have expressed fears that the Information therein may be put to "other uses", by the Acting President whom they still see as an outsider in the corridor of power.