Sunday, 28 February 2010

Photonews: Horror On A Nigerian Road

Opinion: Media And Others Should Be Granted Access To President Yar’Adua

                                               [President Yar'Adua]

Nigerians have been driven to the smoky sludge of the beach of the unknown as some sycophantic cabal in the corridor of power are playing on our intelligence especially in the course to find out the true health situation and whereabouts of the Nigeria president, Umaru Yar’Adua.

One finds it quite knotty to understand that the real and exact medical situation of President Umaru Yar’Adua has yet not been disclosed to the innocent Nigerians even to the very person who ought to know, the acting-President Goodluck Jonathan and the media being the fourth realm of the estates and their roles as recognised in Chapter 4 of our Constitution.

It is consistent with human intellect to therefore reason that it is either the president is dead or he has been abducted, particularly when one consider the backdrops of frenzy manner in which the President’s handlers evacuated him back to the Country at dead of the night and kept him incommunicado with absolute secrecy.

This singular issue has revealed that the inner sanctum of power in the Nigerian scene is fraught with rot and political decadence, the reason is not far to seek as the entirety of the Nigerian and non-Nigerian citizenry have been wallowing in the thick darkness of ignorance as it affects the President’s state of health and the official stance of the presidency.

It therefore suffices to say that no degree of a cloaked defence can avail the Presidency unless and until the truth is told to the people of Nigeria who have saddled the President with the mandate to stir the course of this nation.

The President's handlers cannot follow the path of least resistance by perpetuating his continuous stay in an hibernaculum: a 1.2 billion Naira intensive care fitted comptraction and shielding him away from senior government officials, Nigerian People and the media.

Whatsoever maybe the President’s health situation there is no justification for shielding the President, a sovereign, no. 1 citizen of Nigeria and a foremost public figure in Nigeria.

In the foregoing of the above, I unequivocally demand that the President's real situation be made public with granting full access to our media to ascertain the seemly death of the President or the otherwise.

Its also pertinent to state here that failure to follow this request will be followed with an application to our court to compell those in charge of the President to so do accordingly.

There is urgent need to terminate the uncharitable, immoral and criminal infraction of the provisions of our constitution and its attendance crisis and apprehensions.

There is also an immediate need to reassure Nigerians and international communities that in Nigeria there is indeed responsive leadership to manage our several political, economic and security confrontations.

Thank you.

Kayode Ajulo, Esq.
Chairman, Egalitarian Mission, Africa