Friday, 12 March 2010

Editorial: Jos Massacre: Security Chiefs Should Go

At the early hours of sunday, the 7th of march, 2010, some fulani herdsmen allegedly entered the village of Dogo Hawa in Jos, the capital city of Plateau state Nigeria with matchets and other local weapons and massacred hundreds of villagers including women, children and the aged.

This attack was apparently a continuation of the crisis that have engulfed the city for sometime now.

Individuals and institutions have been condoling the government and people of Plateau state. Appeals have also been made for forgiveness and peace. chidi opara reports subscribes to these sentiments.
We however, do not subscribe to the opinion that the respective security chiefs paid and maintained with the resources of the people, whose duties are remotely connected to protecting lifes and properties in Jos are not culpable.

In saner societies, these security fat cats would have by now sent in their resignation letters. What the nation is witnessing instead are buck passing and unnecesary parade of dubious professional credentials.

That a group of cattle rearers assembled and planned that magnitude of operation undetected, exposes the fact that the Nigerian security system unlike its modern counterparts in other countries, is not proactive. The system cannot even be said to be adequately reactionary, since very little was done to contain the situation during the massacre.

Without prejudice to whatever measures to be put into place by government to permanently close this chapter of violence in Plateau state and in other parts of Nigeria, we at chidi opara reports are of the opinion that all security chiefs whose jobs are remotely connected with the protection of lifes and properties in the affected area should be relieved of their duties. The security system should also be immediately overhauled with the objective of making it proactive.