Sunday, 14 March 2010

News Report: Jos Massacre Polarizes Berom And Fulani Security Operatives.

                                      [Gusau, Nigeria's National Security Adviser]

The masacre of inhabitants of Dogo Hawa village in Jos allegedly by Fulani cattle rearers at the early hours of sunday, 7th march 2010 have polarized Berom and Fulani security operatives into ethnic divides, chidi opara reports have learnt.

Security managers in the services are reported to be having problems maintaining comradeship, a necessary condition for team work in security operations.

A security contact told us that the way communications was managed immediately after the mayhem pitched security operatives from the Berom and Fulani stocks against each other. "The Beroms and the Fulanis in the security services now see each other as enemies", this contact volunteered.

Another contact who is a retired State Security Services(SSS) operative, who now consults for highly placed individuals and companies, told us that "the mutual suspicion between the Fulanis and the Beroms in the security services would hamper effective operations".

Investigation by chidi opara reports revealed that the Beroms and the Fulanis in the security services now prefer to foward reports first to their respective ethnic leaders before passing same to the appropriate quarters.

We also found out that operatives in the State Security Service from the Berom ethnic group who work under officers from the Fulani stock, look for one excuse or the other to be absent from duty. One Berom SSS operative deployed to one of the airports whose immediate boss is Fulani, told one of our network members that; "my oga is a nice man sha, but then I am Berom and he is Fulani, you know what I mean".

Meanwhile. tension have continued to build in Plateau and neighbouring states with some Berom leaders reportedly making contacts with militant elements in the South-east, South-west and South-south regions of Nigeria. chidi opara reports was unable to verify this information at the time of preparing this report.