Monday, 15 March 2010

News Release: INEC Workshop: A Dangerous Distraction

                                   [Maurice Iwu, INEC Chairman]

The Save Nigeria Group (SNG) views the proposed workshop on electoral reform organized by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) a dangerous distraction that Nigeria can ill-afford at this
time that all effort should be to encourage Acting President Goodluck Jonathan to take concrete and radical action on the Uwais Report.

It has become clear to every truthful and concerned Nigerian that the INEC under Professor Maurice Iwu’s leadership has outlived its usefulness, and what is remained of it is to prepare its book and handover to a credible and trusted electoral management body established according to the recommendations of the Uwais Report.

There is nothing wrong for INEC, even as discredited and incompetent as it is, to organize workshops for capacity building and enlightenment of stakeholders if it is a genuine effort to transform itself. Our experience is that Professor Iwu’s INEC will learn nothing because it refuses to admits its colossal moral and practical
failures. It is simply irredeemable and should be disbanded as soon as possible.

We urge Acting President Goodluck Jonathan not to grace Iwu’s public relation stunt with his presence. At this time that the Acting President has won deserved praise for his non-interference in recent elections under his watch, leading to a deserved defeat by his ruling PDP, he should not sully his reputable by attending Iwu’s misbegotten workshop. His attendance at such a workshop will be a political miscalculation that may dent the people’s faith in him as a leader who is prepared to push hard on electoral reform. His most immediate act should be to reconstitute a new electoral management body in the light of the Uwais Report. This begins with keeping a clear distance from Professor Iwu’s INEC.

The Nigerian people should not be deceived by Iwu’s resort to workshops and conferences. He has been tried, tested and found grossly wanting. The nation is tired of him. The beginning of any sensible electoral reform is the ouster of Professor Iwu from INEC. This should remain our focus and not this conceited workshop.

(1) Mr. 'Yinka Odumakin (2) Mallam Salihu Lukman (3) Engr. Buba Galadima (4) Mr. Osita Okechukwu (5) Mr. Mike Igini (6) Mallam Tanko Yunusa

News Release From MEND: Bomb Alert In Warri!

After receiving the baton of ignorance from his Bayelsa state counterpart, the governor of Delta State declared in the Vanguard newspaper of February 22, 2010 that "the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) is a media creation."

This assertion coming from the same person who claimed publicly that an oil pipeline can be destroyed by one man armed with a bottle of petrol, is hardly surprising. What is surprising is how he managed to obtain a science degree.

Thinking of no better way to announce our continued presence in the Niger Delta to Mr Uduaghan, operatives of MEND today March 15, 2010, successfully breached the security at the Delta state government house in Warri and planted three explosive devices in and around this compound which is the venue of the Vanguard Post Amnesty Dialogue organised by the Vanguard newspaper.

These devices will be detonated remotely

In our usual effort to prevent the loss of innocent life, the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta advises the immediate evacuation of the the Government House annex Warri and its immediate surroundings up to the Delta state Brodcasting Corporation.

The time given for this evacuation before the detonation of the first bomb is thirty (30) minutes which will elapse by 1130 hrs Nigerian time. The primary school bordering the government house annex should be evacuated immediately!

The first bomb will be detonated at exactly 1130 hrs. We will thereafter advise on the other devices planted within and around the venue of the vanguard newspaper organised and Delta state sponsored conference. Organisers and participants at this jamboree will ignore this warning at their peril !!!

People must not remain in their cars and attempt to drive their cars and maintain safe distance from all cars and the area!

The deceit of endless dialogue and conferences will no longer be tolerated. The lands of the people of the Niger Delta was stolen by the oil companies and Northern Nigeria with the stroke of a pen.

The vanguard organized and delta state sponsored conference is one of such tools of deception. The Niger Delta has been partitioned into oil blocks which have been distributed amongst mostly Northerners while indegenes of the Niger Delta can barely survive. One such example being General T.Y. Danjuma.

It is common knowlede that no southerner can lay claim to an inch of land in the North so why should we continue to talk as the occupation of our land and theft of our reources by the oil companies and Northern Nigeria persists?

The governors of the Niger Delta are shameless and visionless stooges who are more concerned with looting their state treasuries and seeking a second term in office, even against the wishes of their people.

MEND will attack any such gatherings designed to propagate more falsehood. Members of the public are hereby warned to avoid such gatherings as they may not be fortunate to have a warning before detonation.

In the coming days, we will carry out a number of attacks against installations and oil companies across the Niger Delta and will spread out to companies such as Total which have been spared in the past. We hope the actions which will follow will persuade Mr Uduaghan that we exist outside of cyberspace.

Jomo Gbomo

News Release: Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF): Another Fraud In The Constitutionality Of The Nigerian Nation

                                        [Saraki, Chairman NGF]

As every well meaning Nigerian and non-Nigerian have warned severally over the consequences of the apparent constitutional and political impasse that have plagued Nigerian Nation for over 100 days with the disappearance of President Yar’Adua, a new but fraudulent and illegal power broker is utter quietly appearing on the Nigerian political landscape, under a complimentary name, Nigeria Governors’ Forum.

Whereas, the Nigeria Governors’ Forum is nothing but illegal, unconstitutional and sheer fraud as its composition and constitution is not backed by our Constitution or any statutory provision in Nigeria.

This ambitious forum is equally “unregistrable” under the Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990, a statute that empowers the Corporate Affairs Commission to carry out it functions of incorporating and registering corporate entities and personalities.

Nigeria Governors’ Forum is a forum of serving Nigerian governors that are elected with a fix period and enjoy several special statuses as provided by the Constitution.

The same Constitution regulates virtually all the acts and omissions of these governors as well as it envisages the need for the Governors to meet if they so desired, this explains why our ground norm provides in the Third Schedules, Part I of the Constitution for only permissible congregation for discussion in the Council of State and National Economic Council meetings.

The Constitution also spelt out the functions to be performed by the governors in the two statutory bodies, it is however surprising that the Governors particularly those elected under the platform of PDP have turned the fraudulent Forum to ventilate and dictate their party inglorious policy to undermine the provisions of the Constitution of Nigeria.

I humbly ask, what is the rationale behind the Nigeria Governors’ Forum's oblivious and deliberate disregards and breach of several constructional provisions beginning with disruptions of tenure of Local Government Council despite the simple and clear interpretation of Section 7 (1) of 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria?

The impudence temperament of the Nigerian Governors’ Forum to our Constitution and Nigerians aspirations and agitations became apparent when President Yar’Adua’s ailment and its attendants parochial induced crisis.

Rather than toeing the provisions of our constitution and douse amber of looming crisis the Governors pursued selfish agenda and turned simple constitutional interpretation on its head, collaborated with the so called cabal to transformed its forum to the highest decision-making body in Nigeria by trying to dished orders to the Vice-President now our Acting President and Commander-in-Chief of Armed Forces of Nigeria.

It is the same infamous Forum that gleefully came out from one of their illegal meetings to decree in military fashion to all Nigeria that one, President Yar’Adua will not resign, two, that no medical board be instituted by the Executive Council of the Federation, to ascertain the health status of Yar’Adua and they end this constitutional impudent and the anti-people stance by decreeing that nothing can remove President Yar’Adua.

While the Forum’s shameful reasons for “the survival of our democracy” are completely self serving, untenable, illegal, unconstitutional and fraudulent, I with Egalitarian Mission Africa, a duly constituted organisation made up of professionals in the love for rule of law in our nation, the interminable loyalty to our Nigerian sacred Constitution and our concern for the progress and well-being of the entire 140 million or more Nigerians who had actually toiled and sweated for framing this nation to be structured and continued existing as our only homeland and a true giant of Africa, have again call for the disbandment of the Nigerian Governors’ Forum.

I also humbly call for investigation into the finance and affairs of this illegal forum to ascertain and determine the amount of public resources that have been diverted to finance the illegal forum.

Finally, it is my unshakable belief that it is not an illegal and parochial forum like the one instituted by the PDP Governors under the bogus name, Nigeria Governors Forum that will save Nigeria but the fundamentals of the organs of our government, instilled by honour, service and patriotism and persuaded by our statutes and superior point of views that will be used to haul the country from the present foxhole and clear all the real and imaginary impediments against full activation of our constitutional provisions in the extant event of unknown whereabouts and uncertain state of health of President Yar’Adua.

Thank you,

Barr. Kayode Ajulo
Chairman, Egalitarian Mission, Africa