Thursday, 24 June 2010

Editorial: Nigerian Hooligans Called Honourables

Members of the lower chamber of Nigeria's bi-cameral Legislature, the House of Representatives on tuesday, 22nd June, 2010, engaged in physical fight in the hallowed chamber of the lower House. This was as a result of the suspension of eleven members by the leaderhip of the House. The suspended members were pushing for the resignation of the speaker, Mr. Dimeji Bankole, whom they accused of corrupt practices.

This dishonourable action of the so called Honourables which were reported extensively in the media have further lowered the esteem of the members in the opinion of the people whom they are supposedly representing.

The public outrage ever since have refused to abate.

 The surprise is how anybody would expect to have nomalcy in a Legislature produced by a rogue political system in which Political Party offices and nominations to elective offices are clinched by the fittest, not the most credible. It is a system in which political office seekers bribe their ways into offices and also hire thugs to force those opposed to them into submission and other vices.

It would be unrealistic to expect that this decadent political system would produce responsible legislators who would recognise the need to follow rules in all undertakings.

chidi opara reports would however like to recommend as a matter of urgency, a total overhaul of the political system starting from the enactment of an electoral act in which the institutional frameworks for a credible political system would be enshrined.

These frameworks would ofcourse not be effective, except if the law enforcement agencies are trained, retrained, adequately equiped and properly oriented/reoriented to give effect to this act.

We are not unmindful of the role of the populace in the enthronement of this credible political system. For this role to be effectively played, chidi opara reports thinks that the citizenry must be properly tutored in their civic obligations, this is not to loose sight of the imperative of economic well being as a major plank of  a law abiding citizenry.

We are of the opinion that if these are done, we will have a credible political class different from what we have presently, hooligans called honourables.