Monday, 16 August 2010

News Report: Federal Government Of Nigeria May Adopt "Special Security Measures" In Oil Rich Bayelsa State

                                          [President Goodluck Jonathan]

Indications are that the Federal Government of Nigeria may adopt "special security measures" to manage the worsening security situation in Bayelsa state if the state governor, Mr. Timipre Sylva fail to act in good time.

The Presidency have already communicated this development to the government of the state, a very reliable Presidency contact informed chidi opara reports. Oil rich Bayelsa state is one of the states in the Niger Delta region.

The state have been engulfed in violence in recent times. The present state of violence started with the bombing of an hotel owned by the wife of the estranged deputy governor, Mr. Peremobowei Ebebi, this was followed by an attack on his country home in Ekeremor Local Government Area, in which a guard lost his life.

Other attacks which chidi opara reports was informed were reprisals followed. The country homes of messrs Reginald Dede, Amalate Turner, Mike Wenibowei and Nestor Binabo, all government officials were for instance, attacked.

The state Police Commissioner, Mr. Onuoha Udeka, according to a high level Police contact filed "a very disturbing report" at the Police national headquarters. "This report  and that of the state Director of SSS was what Mr. President relied upon to to summon the security meeting", a Presidency contact informed chidi opara reports The State Security Service is also known as SSS. It would be noted that President Goodluck Jonathan had meeting with Chiefs of Security on Bayelsa state security situation two weeks ago.

The "special security measures" would include: deployment of more police/anti-terrorism squads and equipments, expanding the operations scope of the Joint Taskforce on Security(JTF), involvement of Isreali special anti-terrorism troopers and declaration of state of emergency, if need be.

The possibility of declaration of state of emergency have according to contacts in Yenagoa, galvanized the state governor into action. chidi opara reports learnt on good authority that the state governor is presently holding meetings with opinion leaders, ex-militant leaders, "and even some members of the opposition".

News Release From Mr. Nuhu Ribadu

                                [Nuhu Ribadu]

Mr. Nuhu Ribadu’s attention has been drawn to claims in the Sunday (August 15, 2010) sermon of respected preacher, Pastor Tunde Bakare, to the effect that Mr. Ribadu desires to hijack the Save Nigeria Group (SNG) for the purpose of his political ambition.

Mr. Ribadu strongly refutes this claim and affirms that he has the highest regard for Pastor Bakare and for his patriotic vision espoused through the SNG.

Mr. Ribadu salutes the unquantifiable sacrifice, energy, and resources many Nigerians have invested in building the SNG, and he hopes it will continue to grow in strength to become a major movement that will deepen our democracy and national development.

“I am convinced that Pastor Bakare came to his conclusion on a mistaken brief, and I look forward to meeting him soon to assure him that nothing like that ever, or could ever happen, because of the kind of person I am and the philosophy that guides my public conduct”.

No one can deny the role SNG played and continues to play as our country tries to chart a path to greatness 50 years after independence. The SNG has become a mass movement of patriotic Nigerians from different walks of life and political persuasion whose common vision is a new and better Nigeria. It would not only be presumptuous but tragic for any individual to think he or she can “hijack” such a people-oriented organisation.

Chido Onumah
For: Mr. Nuhu Ribadu