Thursday, 2 September 2010

Citizen Report: Nigerian Youths Mobilise for Nuhu Ribadu

                               [Nuhu Ribadu]

Reported By Mbasekei Martin Obono

Nigerian youths, comprising young professionals, students, and youth leaders across the country have come together under the group “Team Ribadu,” to support the presidential bid of Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, former Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

The team which has been meeting in the past four weeks plans to mobilise 10million Nigerian youths from various backgrounds and disciplines to participate in the forthcoming elections by registering to vote, voting, and defending their votes.

“2011 is the Year of the Nigerian Youth Voter,” the group said in a statement. “In 1993, IBB and his cabal annulled the popular will of Nigerians. Many of us were too young to vote then. But not anymore! We are conscious of the task that history has placed on our shoulders. If the task of our grandparents, many of whom were much younger than we are now, was to liberate our nation from the evils of colonialism, the task of our parents was to build a strong, prosperous, and united nation, an egalitarian society founded on the principle of social justice and freedom. Unfortunately, they failed woefully in that calling.”

According to the spokesman of the group, Sunday Ogidigo, “it is not enough to bemoan our situation or to perpetually play the blame game. We have the future of Nigeria literally in our hands. The question is: do we want to live the second half of the Nigerian century in darkness? The world is now electing young presidents with broader foreign policy perspectives, with notions and ideas of integrity, and above all with models of the future”.

Team Ribadu’s mission is to build a groundswell of motivated, committed and capable volunteers not only to ensure that the right leaders are voted into political office in 2011, but also to ensure that these leaders are held accountable for their promises once elected into office.

“We have looked at all the presidential aspirants, and no one but Nuhu Ribadu represents the aspiration of all Nigerian youths and indeed all Nigerians. Our quest is for a courageous, dynamic, progressive, de-tribalised and youthful leader to take this country out of its current abysmal state,” Mr. Ogidigbo said.

Unlike other platforms that seek to mobilise Nigerian youths with money and other forms of gratification, Team Ribadu is powered by the conviction that as young people, we can bring about the kind of change we desire in Nigeria.

News Report: Goodluck Jonathan For President Is The New Business In Town

Goodluck Jonthan for President is presently the new business in town in Nigeria. The Goodluck Jonathan for President groups, reminiscent of the days of late Sani Abacha are increasing by the day. These groups are being registered and coordinated by a larger group known as Goodluck Support Group(GSG). The affairs of GSG is being navigated by Ahmed Gulak, who is also Special Adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan on Legal Matters.

Some of these groups, chidi opara reports' checks revealed, cut across segments of the society with foot holds in nooks and crannies of the six geo-political zones of Nigeria. Others are however known to be one-man affairs, with no addresses as operations base. Some of these groups are sponsored by Nigerians in Diaspora. One common character of these groups is their desperation to attract patronages from the Presidency.

chidi opara reports  network members in Abuja reported that at a recent "National Summit" organized by GSG at the International Conference Centre in Abuja, these groups jostled for space and recognition.

GSG sources of finance are not yet clear. GSG insiders insist that the group's main source of finance is through donations from wealthy individuals and corporate bodies. There have however not been any known donations from individuals and corporate bodies to GSG so far.

Political opponents of the President on the other hand insist that the group is being financed from government coffers. "Their source of finance is simply the President's security vote", a top official of one of the Political Parties told chidi opara reports in Abuja yesterday.