Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Report: Avoiding Chinese online scam

International Corporate Research has released the 2nd issue of its Diary of Social Research titled 'How to avoid Chinese online scams'. The report takes a bold step to expose the villainous tactics adopted by Chinese online scammers and how you can guard yourself against their nefarious antics.

The span-less landscape of the internet is dotted by tales of grief such as the one below;

“I was ripped off by cnevogue ordered 2 TVs and a laptop....paid 1048 Euros... then they gave me the same crap that they needed customs money; first New York...then tried the Chinese customs and on...did not pay”.

Men and women who have been duped of their hard earned money by Chinese online fraudsters.

Not a few have fallen for the seamless tricks of these Chinese losing millions of dollars in the process. From all over the world unsuspecting victims daily wire money to China in exchange for nothing but a fraud.

After discovering the paining testimonies of some victims of these frauds, ICR researchers initiated a deep research work to unravel every trick used by them and the easiest way to avoid being defrauded.

The report presents a detailed modus operandi of Chinese online scam and highlights 15 ways by which you can recognize these scammers and the fraudulent websites with which they carry out their perpetrations.

You will learn tips on how to protect yourself online and it also comes with a list of 200 websites that are currently confirmed as fraudulent and should therefore be avoided.

Sanyaolu Kehinde
Chief Research Analyst