Sunday, 3 October 2010

News Release: Joint Revolutionary Council Condoles Nigerians On Abuja Bomb Blast

The Joint Revolutionary Council (JRC) hereby condoles with all men of goodwill and the entire citizenry of the Nigerian State on the callous and gruesome murder of more than 15 people and the injury inflicted on many others.
Our struggle is a moral and just one. We have had no place for gun-runners, toddlers-abductors, bank robbers, commercial hostage-takers, prison breakers and bare-face murderers who go on foolish murderous rampage while their families are safe and secure in foreign lands.
The gruesome attack of Friday was the handiwork of a son of the devil with active connivance of disgruntled dissident elements from one of the camps of a former MEND leader who has since relinquished leadership in the former MEND structure.
An email address alone does not represent MEND. In a few days that email will no longer be usable. What must be done will be done immediately. Terrorism is not a virtue for heroic combatants in the Ijaw and Niger Delta struggle.
Millions of young men in the Niger Delta today possess the ability to deploy acts of unlimited violence on the Nigerian State. However, these men have decided to keep the peace because they can claim to be more Ijaw or more Niger Deltan than Goodluck Jonathan. They have given him the benefit of doubt and have pledged to work with him and guide him on his efforts in the Niger Delta. His commitment to the Niger Delta question, while still cloudy, remains unquestionable.
In the next few days, the Central Command of the Joint Revolutionary Council will confer with Mujahid Dokubo-Asari to arrive at a final decision on this matter. Key decisions will be relayed to the press immediately.
The Struggle is on Course!
Cynthia Whyte
Spokesperson, Joint Revolutionary Coucil

News Release: MEND’s Update On Abuja Bomb Blast

The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) deeply regrets the avoidable loss of lives during our bomb attack in Abuja on Friday October 1, 2010. Our hearts go to the families of those killed who we know were sympathetic to our cause.

The irresponsible attitude of the government security forces is to blame for the loss of lives.They were given 5 days prior notice which led to the harassment of Henry Okah on Thursday, September 30 in South Africa. Okah has never been involved in any MEND operations but has always been blamed for every attack which is strange to us..

The security forces were also warned one full hour to the first bomb blast ahead of the general alert sent to the media and told to steer the public from all parked cars which was not done.

Jomo Gbomo