Tuesday, 19 October 2010

News Report: MEND Warns Supporters To Stay Clear Of Nigerian President’s Election Campaigns In Capital City

Movement For The Emancipation Of Niger Delta(MEND) have warned supporters of the Nigerian President to stay away from his election campaigns in the Nigerian capital city of Abuja, reiterating its earlier warning of an impending bomb attack.

MEND issued this warning today in an e-mail sent to chidi opara reports and some other news media. The text of the e-mail read “out of security concerns, the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta MEND until further notice will no longer entertain any enquires.Henceforth, we will release to the media only warnings and statements of claim.

We hereby repeat our warnings to the residents of Abuja, the heart of the country and to all persons who will be interested in attending the political campaigns organized by the President,Goodluck Jonathan. This is due to the split he has initiated in our country that had enjoyed a united front politically, and the corruption and split in the Niger Delta community.

Lastly, the arrest and detention of our respected brothers of the land and the assassination of their character has become a great concern that cannot be ignored”.

Jomo Gbomo.