Thursday, 28 October 2010

News Report: Renewed Discreet Security Searchlight On Prominent Nigerian News Blog

President Jonathan Of Nigeria
There is renewed discreet security searchlight on a prominent United States Of America(USA) based news blog published by a Nigerian following the bomb blast at Abuja, Nigeria's capital city during the 1st October 2010 Independence anniversary celebrations for which Movement For The Emancipation Of Niger Delta(MEND) claimed responsibility.

Security contacts informed chidi opara reports  that this renewed searchlight is as a result of the way the news blog have been reporting the bomb blast which government believes to be biased in favour of MEND.

This news blog and others were under intense security searchlight during the administration of late Umaru Yar'Adua. The security searchlight however dimmed at the commencement of the Goodluck Jonathan Presidency.

chidi opara reports  learnt that efforts are currently afoot to unravel sources of finance of the news blog which Nigeria's Security Services believe, have covert offices and staff in major cities in Nigeria. These efforts, a Security contact volunteered are going on simultaneously in Nigeria and USA.

We learnt that government is particularly unhappy about a recent report in which the news blog attempted to discredit one of its potential star witnesses in the Abuja bomb trial.

Mr. Henry Okah, a South African based Nigerian and suspected MEND financier, his Nigeria based elder brother, Mr. Charles Okah and others are being prosecuted in South Africa and Nigeria respectively for the bombing.

The news blog recently published its editorial policies, a move observers believed to be an attempt to preempt any attempt by the Nigerian government to misrepresent it to its host country.