Friday, 12 November 2010

News Release: MEND Releases Names Of Persons Abducted At Okoro Oilfied

On November 7th, 2010 , fighters of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (M.E.N.D) attacked the Shallow-water okoro oilfield in Akwa Ibom state of the Niger Delta.

Our fighters reported stiff resistance from the Nigerian military stationed at this facility. After an intense fire fight, the resistance from the Nigerian military was subdued. Our fighters cost extensive damage on this facility and attempted to set it ablaze as they were instructed to do.

In the course of the same attack, the under listed were captured.

Name:                                                      Employer:                                 Nationality:
1 James Robertson                                    Transocean                                 USA
2 Jeffrey James                                          Transocean                                 USA
3 Patrick Weber                                        Transocean                                 France
4 Mignon Gilles                                         Sodexo                                       France
5 Robert Croke                                         PPI                                            Canada
6 Robert Tampubolon                               Century Energy Services             Indonesia
                                                                 Ltd (Century Bumi JV)
7 Permana Nugraha                                 Century Energy Services             Indonesia
                                                                Ltd (Century Bumi JV)

As earlier reported, we took custody of 3 French nationals and 1 Thai national abducted about 2 months ago by a militia group in the Niger Delta. Owing to their generally poor state of health, we were compelled to release them on humanitarian grounds.

The abduction of the 7 expatriates from the Shallow-water okoro oilfield in Akwa Ibom state was to prevent the Nigerian government from denying the attack on this facility.

The 7 individuals are all in good health and will be in our custody for a while.

Jomo Gbomo