Friday, 19 November 2010

News Release: MEND Confirms Hostage Rescue

As a result of the bombings by the Nigerian military of camps and communities, hostages, earlier taken from oil installations where kept in a community to ensure their safety.

The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (M.E.N.D) confirms, that there was indeed a raid on this particular community by the Nigerian Military which had being tipped-off by certain persons from this community.

The hostages were guarded by only a few of our fighters who retreated in order to prevent an exchange of fire that would have endangered the lives of these hostages.

However, our fighters have being instructed to carry out more raids on oil installations from where fresh hostages will be taken.

Also, at about 0300hrs, on Thursday, Nov 18, 2010, our units in Delta state in the Niger Delta, received intelligence report of the movement of fourteen(14) gunboats of the Nigerian military heading towards one of our camps in Delta state.

Our units ambushed the convoy of Nigerian army gunboats at Ayakoromo in Delta state. This convoy was literally decimated.

Reports reaching us from the General Hospital Warri in Delta state, indicate that Ten(10) soldiers were brought in dead and Eighteen(18) seriously injured. A large number of Nigerian army soldiers were reported by our fighters to have drowned.

A large number of weapons which include Browning machine guns, R.p.g Lunchers, general purpose machine guns, assault riffles and ammunitions were retrieved by our fighters following the ambush.

As earlier promised, we will soon commence with a all-out attack on oil installations across the Niger Delta.

Jomo Gbomo