Monday, 22 November 2010

News Release: Obidi Refinery Trunk Line Attacked

On Sunday, Nov 21, 2010, at about 0200hrs, fighters of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta(M.E.N.D) attacked and destroyed the Obidi-Refinery trunk line.

This pipeline was responsible for transporting crude oil to the refinery in Warri, Delta state in the Niger Delta.

This attack does not mark the start of our promised campaign against the Nigerian oil industry. This attack and similar attacks on pipelines which will take place within the next few days is a reminder to the Nigerian government of the futility of wasting the nation’s resources in combating militancy without addressing the underlying causes of agitation in the Niger Delta.

In our past press release, we exposed the false claims of the Nigerian military and government, our assertions will easily be confirmed by the hostages and actions on the Nigerian government in the coming weeks.

All militants “supposedly captured” by the Nigerian military will soon be driving around in the streets of the Niger Delta in expensive luxury cars.

Jonathan will go to any length to deceive the nation and the world that he is in control of the agitation in the Niger Delta. This man is a fraud.

Jomo Gbomo

News Release: MEND Says Nigerian Military’s Claim Is False

The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (M.E.N.D) denies in its totality claims by the Nigerian military and government that a co-ordinated attack was launched against one of our camps by the Nigerian military in Rivers state in the Niger Delta. It is a well known fact that the Nigerian military is bereft of such capabilities or imagination. This amusing claim must have been extracted from a war novel.

The truth is that the individual concerned known to the group as Commander Obese was contacted by President Goodluck Jonathan and a former MEND Commander Farah Dagogo. Jonathan pleaded with this junior Commander to save him (Jonathan) from further shame and urged Obese to emerge from the Creeks and encourage others to do likewise in exchange for a huge amount of money and immunity from prosecution.

Most of the fighters attached to this individual rejected this offer which this junior Commander was misled into accepting.

There was no exchange of gunfire and these individuals handed themselves over to the military in expectance of a reward as promised by Jonathan.

Weapons surrendered by these persons were less than thirty (30) in numbers. Items displayed by the Nigerian military did not come from that camp. This was staged.

The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta has vowed and will expose Goodluck Jonathan for the fraud that he is. Jonathan is a Wimp who cannot even contain his domestic problems so how then can Nigerians expect this Spineless stooge to contain an insurgence in the Niger Delta.

We promised to the people of the Niger Delta to bring oil companies operating in Nigeria to their knees and reclaim all lands stolen from the people of the Niger Delta.

Jomo Gbomo