Saturday, 29 January 2011

News Release: MEND Reiterates Plans Of Attack

The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (M.E.N.D) views with scum the appointment of a new presidential adviser on the Niger Delta.
The continuous deception of the Nigerian government and International Communities of a promise of peace without justice in the Niger Delta is simply a ploy by Goodluck Jonathan to secure the presidency of Nigeria and continue the plundering of the Niger Delta.
As we have persistently promised, we will shortly embark on an all out assault on the Nigerian oil industry, bringing upon this industry such mayhem unprecedented in the history of our quest for justice.
In this new chapter, nothing will be spared, from land based offices to oil platforms and storage facilities. We will bring all these to ground level.
Due to the severity of this onslaught against the oil industry and our desire to prevent the loss of lives, the opening attack as promised, will be preceded by a warning with guidelines to all oil workers concerning their conduct in the event of an attack.
We warn the oil industry to disregard all attempts by the Nigerian government to mislead it as our previous attacks in the past have proven that the Nigerian government cannot protect them. The fight for the liberation of the of the Niger Delta has only begun and will not cease until we have reclaimed every inch of land stolen by the western oil companies in collaboration with puppets such as Goodluck Jonathan and other dubious so called elders of the Niger Delta.
Jomo Gbomo

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