Monday, 3 January 2011

News Release: Nigerian Christian Group Says “Holy Crusade Is Declared!”

For too long we have allowed the brazen and unprovoked killings of our Christian brethren go on with impunity, our faith has been seriously attacked by the Islamic Political class of Northern Nigeria using religion as a guise and cover.
Our Christian brethren both from the North and South of Nigeria have been serially murdered and slaughtered by their created and sponsored Islamic fundamentalist and terrorist groups with support from the Nigeria Soldiers of the Islamic faith.
We have repeatedly  in time past restrained from carrying out reprisal attacks of devastating magnitude as trained guerrilla fighters of the Christian faith because we are subject to Christian  Leadership Authority.
Our Christian Spiritual Fathers, Elders and Leaders have consistently prevailed and restrained us by making us accept hitherto, the message of Peace, Love, Harmonious Coexistence, Unity and survival of the Nigerian Nation.
This Message henceforth we shall no longer accept."IT IS NOW BLOOD FOR BLOOD AND TERROR FOR TERROR."
The Killings of our brethren in Jos Plateau and other part of the North will not go unreplied nationally.
By this Release we announce THE DECLARATION OF A HOLY CRUSADE on all enemies of the Christian Church and Faith in Nigeria.
We hereby Issue a Seven day warning notice of our first strike, this notice beginnings from 12 midnight Monday 3rd January 2011 and this is to all Christians and Muslims, the Federal Government of Nigeria and the International Community. Our attacks shall come from all Parts of the Nigerian Nation and shall be massive and severe.
We ask all Christians  from the South of Nigeria to immediately vacate the North of Nigeria, and all Muslims from the North of Nigeria to vacate the South with immediate effect.
Our attack shall begin on Sunday 9th January 2011.This shall be preceded with the burning of the PHOTOGRAPH OF PROPHET MUHAMMAD AND THE KORAN on Saturday 8th January 2011, this shall be shown live on YOUTUBE AND SATELITE TELEVISION ACROSS THE GLOBE.
All Christian youths are hereby given RED ALERT to be ready to defend the Christian Faith.
Pastor Gyang Peters

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