Wednesday, 12 January 2011

News Report: Nigeria's President Set To Emerge As Party's Presidential Candidate

President Goodluck Jonathan
President of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan is set to emerge as Nigeria's ruling party's presidential candidate for the 2011 election.

A highly placed Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) insider who analyzed the situation to chidi opara reports, informed that apart from the governors of Kwara, Niger and Zamfara states, the President is sure of  the remaining 24 PDP governors in the party's presidential primary election taking place tomorrow at the Eagles Square, Abuja, Nigeria's capital city. Governors control the largest bloc of delegates.

"You should know that also in states not controlled by our party, delegates rely on governors of the nearest PDP states for sponsorship", the insider volunteered.

Our network members in Anambra, Lagos and Edo states confirmed this information. It was reported that delegates from Anambra state were sponsored by the combined efforts of the governors of Imo and Abia states. Edo state delegates were reportedly sponsored by the governor of Bayelsa state, while Lagos state delegates were sponsored by the governor of Ogun state.

"The sponsoring governors will also dictate where these states' delegates will vote tomorrow", our insider informed further.

Meanwhile, chidi opara reports attempts to speak with some delegates was not successful due to the tight security around them.

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