Tuesday, 1 February 2011

News Release: Joint Revolutionary Council Supports Appointment Of Adviser On Niger Delta

Niger Delta Militants
We try as much as possible not to be too hasty in endorsing appointments such as the recent appointment of Kingsley Kuku as Senior Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta Affairs.
However, the recklessly callous threat by the ‘Jomo Gbomo’ faction of MEND, is rather unfortunate and represents a pathetic attempt by a band of miscreants to showcase ungratefulness and ignorance.
In the past two months, that ‘Jomo Gbomo’ has released two threats from his email account and then come out to refute it alleging a breach of their email account. Do not be surprised if they issue another rebuttal in the next few days.
We believe that the appointment of Kingsley Kuku is an indication of the fact that Goodluck Jonathan’s government is willing to engage in dialogue for the enthronement of real peace and sustainable development across the Niger Delta.
However, it is important for us to clarify on what government really wants. Do they just want unfettered access to our oil and gas resources or peace and development in the Niger Delta? These are the questions that people like Kingsley Kuku should help us resolve.
It is not enough to appoint a capable, competent and experienced Kingsley Kuku as adviser. The real things must be done. Appropriate tools must be provided to ensure the development is provided to all.
It is rather shameful that months after thousands of peace-ready youths of the Niger Delta gave up their guns and accepted the government’s amnesty package, many of these youths are still being left hopeless and hungry while the elites and their children cart away the spoils of war!
When some of these young men were in the creeks and rising in defense of the long suffering people of the Niger Delta, most of these elites (of the Niger Delta) and their children were lounging in the comfort of their mansions and in elitist schools abroad. Today, it is these same people who sitting on all the opportunities. Why should this be so? This nonsense is one of the biggest reasons for the recent unrests in the Niger Delta. It may continue.
Goodluck Jonathan appointed Kingsley Kuku as Senior Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta Matters in good faith. It is up to Kingsley Kuku to deliver on that objective. Failure is clearly not an option for Kuku.
We expect to see him build synergy with the likes of Oronto Douglas and Felix Tuodolor to ensure that key deliverables are achieved within appropriate timelines. There is not time to waste on this matter.
This is the moment for strategic, progressive and rational engagement. While we are not done with engaging brawns, we believe that engaging some brains will do.
We will do our best to be patient but we must warn that there is an emerging group of revolutionaries coming up across the Niger Delta. They will drive the process for the new agitation in the Niger Delta. The players in that struggle will not be known for a very long time.
The struggle is on course. However, there has been increasing need to purify our struggle and its objectives. This is crucial.
Goodluck Jonathan may be a good man but that is not enough. He must build the capacity to do the right thing for the Niger Delta. We believe that he is far too sympathetic to the North. We believe he should be far more sympathetic to the Niger Delta because we have carried the burden of the Nigerian state for far too long!
In the past few years, the struggle for the liberation and emancipation of the Niger Delta people has been infiltrated by bandit elements. Armed robbers, kidnappers and bare-faced bandits have continued to hide under the toga of our moral struggle to unleash grave acts of evil. That will no longer be tolerated.
Right now, a cleansing process is on course. Issues will resolve themselves eventually.
I thank you all for your time.
The Struggle is Unstoppable!
Cynthia Whyte
 Spokesperson, Joint Revolutionary Council

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