Friday, 11 February 2011

Rejoinder: The Purported Attack On Udenwa By Egbema Youths

Achike Udenwa
By Kenneth Uwadi

I was taken aback by an article in Announcer Express  of  4th February 2011, attributed to  one Omeihe, SA on media to Chief Achike Udenwa,  wherein he wrote  about the Chief Udenwa’s political  visit to Egbema  on Saturday January 29, 2011 and  the mob attack on Udenwa  by  some youths. Omeihe  made insinuations  which, in my opinion, are inconceivable of a man referred to as media aide. I am concerned about the aspect of the article  where Omeihe  said  that the Speaker of Imo State House of Assembly,Chief  Goodluck Nanah Opiah  sponsored  the mob attack on Udenwa by some  youths  in Egbema.

I wouldn’t have bothered to comment on the article but because i am from Egbema, particularly from Mmahu autonomous community where Udenwa had his so called consultative meeting with members of the Action Congress. This comment by Udenwa’s media aide is one of the most annoying and unfortunate remarks ever made about a prominent son of Egbema . It is significant that Udenwa has not made any attempt to disclaim the comment. He is saying in effect that he stands by what he said because he believes it is the 'reality'. Surely, a more sensitive politician seeking the votes of Egbema people in the forth coming election will not embark on unscrupulous, malicious attacks on a very respected son of Egbema land.

The ancient Greek Philosopher, Aristotle said that anger and personal abuse are the weakest link to arguments. What on earth will make Udenwa to think that our own Opiah, a revered son of Egbema will stoop so low as to sponsor mob action against anybody? Opiah, has no reason to embark on unwarranted hostility against the ambition of Chief Achike Udenwa. Udenwa and Opiah are not seeking for the same elective position in the April general polls. The youths were reacting against insult on them by Achike by coming to campaign on their turf and making promises which none was fulfilled last time he made same to Imo people.

Udenwa  a  senatorial aspirant for Orlu Senatorial zone under ACN on Saturday January 29, 2011  escaped lynching by  angry youths who  tried to disrupt his  campaign rally at Egbema  and threw stones at him and the people who were  with  him. The youths were irked by the many claims of Udenwa on  projects  he allegedly brought to Egbema  when actually he did nothing remarkable for Egbema throughout his tenure  in office as governor of Imo State. Udenwa’s convoy was proceeding to the palace of Nzeobi of Egbema when the irate youths barricaded the road. The angry youths started by chanting slogans  ‘we don’t like you, we can not vote for you,go,go away’ and later started throwing stones and other dirty objects at Udenwa  and booing him and others with him. Tragedy was averted by the members of  Egbema  vigilante group.

Udenwa is used to politics of name calling and character assassination forgetting that issues that bother on his inability to bring development to Imo State in his 8 years rule as governor of the state will always hunt him. Politics of name calling has not and will not serve any one well. I personally don’t support Udenwa’s  senatorial ambition because i believe  that it will not  be different from his  8 years misrule in  Imo State .8 years that brought nothing but agony, under-development, negligence, insecurity and  corruption in an uncontrollable level but no matter what, and under no guise should any Nigerian be molested for campaigning. I do not support any body disrupting legitimate activities of any political party or politician.

Omeihe   also  said  in his article that Opiah is not popular in Egbema and must therefore hide his face in shame for organizing his people as thugs instead of creating jobs for them. Omeihe  should stop sounding like an area boy in Mushin or Oshodi.One may ask therefore, on what yardstick he arrived at such an unfortunate, conclusion that Opiah is not popular in Egbema. Omeihe lacks proper grasping of the word – popular. Why then did the people of Ohaji/Egbema endorsed Opiah for another term bid if he was actually unpopular as Omeihe wants to make the public believe.

Opiah is worshipped like a god in Egbema for great human empowerment of the youths. He has so much empowered the youths of his constituency that we cannot count. He has continued to say it in so many meetings, gatherings and special occasions that the youths are leaders of tomorrow and any politician who will not take the youths seriously cannot stay long in politics. Those who believe that Opiah is not on ground in Egbema or that he has no chance in the April election need to get their heads examined. While the   members of ACN are dismissing him, there is no question that he is greatly loved by his constituency and will go ahead to get a landslide victory in the April election.

Udenwa should note that here in Egbema we have agreed to vote for the Triple G’s (Goodluck Jonathan, Godson Ikedi Ohakim and Goodluck Nanah Opiah)in the April elections because of their  ideas,  antecedents, commitment, conviction , mental capability, political will and knowledge and because of their  resolve to stamp out corruption, improve  our infrastructures, uplift our standard of living,  overhaul  our educational system ,provide us jobs and security. No amount of campaign of calumny will make us change our mind. Surely, one good term deserves another.

(Uwadi wrote from Mmahu-Egbema,Imo State, Nigeria)

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