Thursday, 24 February 2011

Report: South-South Cooperation Conference On India, Africa And Food Security Report 2011

Participants At A South South Cooperation Conference
“The conference on South- South Cooperation(SSC): India, Africa and Food Security: was organized in collaboration with Nordiska Afrikainstitutet (Uppsala, Sweden) and the World Trade Centre with support from the Ministry of External Affairs (Government of India) and the South-South Cooperation Unit (UNDP, New York). The India-Africa Framework for Cooperation, adopted at the end of the India-Africa Forum Summit April 9, 2008, at New Delhi identified the development of  sustainable agriculture as a key priority in the burgeoning partnership between India and Africa. “Africa and India agree that agricultural development is an effective approach to ensure food security, eradicating poverty and improve peoples' livelihood, and agree to strengthen Africa and India cooperation in this sector in order to improve the food security of Africa and to increase its exports to world markets,” said the joint statement.”

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