Saturday, 26 February 2011

Review: Power Sector Under President Goodluck Jonathan

President Jonathan
“Nigeria as a nation has one of the most embarrassing per capita consumption of electricity. Since Power Generation commenced in Lagos in 1896 by the Public Works Department, the country has failed to boost the production capacity to the required consumption rate. With a population of about 150 million, Nigeria currently generates about 3600MW (This has recently increased to 3,800MW under President Jonathan) despite having an installed capacity of about 6000MW. A comparative look at this with other countries such as Ghana (2,111MW for a population of 23 million), South Africa (44,074.4MW for a population of 49 million), Brazil (100,000MW for a population of 210 million) and USA (1,010,172MW for a population of 310 million) reveals this conspicuous disparity. See Table 1.0 for comparative review and fig 1.0 for per capita consumption of Nigeria compared to other countries”.

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