Thursday, 10 March 2011

News Release: Chris Nwaokobia And Yerima Shettima Call For United Front Against Violence

Chris Nwaokobia LDPN Presidential candidate and running mate Yerima Shettima have written an open letter to all Presidential candidates in Nigeria’s upcoming election inviting them to condemn in the strongest terms the carnage and loss of life suffered at recent political rallies.
Expressing condolence to the family and relatives of those who lost their lives Chris Nwaokobia said “violence and intimidation has no place in our democracy. The right to participate in free and open elections, the right to vote for the representative of your choice without fear of persecution and loss of life will not be denied to Nigerians”.

In their letter, fellow candidates are invited to embrace and sign the: Presidential Aspirants
Concordat On Violence And The Conduct Of The 2011 Election and stand united shoulder to shoulder as one to protect Nigeria’s precious democracy . The concordat reads as follows:

“We, the undersigned, hereby assert the rights of all Nigerians to participate in open democratic elections free from the fear of violence and/or intimidation. We call on all of our supporters to refrain from taking any action or making any statement in our election campaign that may incite others to violence. We will publicly denounce any individual or groups of individuals who perpetrate or incite violence in the conduct of this election campaign. We recognize the clear evidence of danger to the Nation’s security and democracy posed by violence. The bomb explosions on Thursday, March 3 at the Peoples Democratic Party rally held at Suleja, Niger State, which left 10 people dead and 16 others seriously injured will not be allowed to become the beacon that heralds the destruction of Nigeria’s democracy. We call on the security forces to be vigilant in protecting the security and freedoms of the Nation against the threat of violence and to swiftly identify, apprehend and bring to justice, those who are responsible for the wanton slaughter of our beloved brothers and sisters who have paid the ultimate price in the exercise of their democratic rights and freedom. Their sacrifice will not be in vein. As presidential Aspirants we carry the hopes and aspirations of our parties and supporters
Collectively, in speaking as one we may express the moral authority of the Nation in our
total condemnation of violence and intimidation in the conduct of this election”.

Chris Nwaokobia Presidential Candidate(LDPN)

Yerima Shettima – Running Mate

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  1. Chris Nwaokobia cannot be serious. Is this some kind of a joke?


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