Tuesday, 22 March 2011

News Release: Plateau State Police Command Has Case To Answer In Jos Killings Says Buhari Campaign Organization

The Buhari/Bakare Presidential Campaign mourns 4 Nigerians murdered in cold blood by the police in Jos yesterday just as we demand investigations into the brutal killings. The whole world is aware of the unjust attempt by the state police command to sabotage our Jos rally on the spurious pretext that an after thought rally by Governor Jona Jang should take precedence over our own which was earlier communicated to the police.

We rejected the unjust diktat in our quest to ensure that the ruling party does not continue to ride roughshod over the opposition and closing the democratic space in the process. Upon arrival in Jos on Monday, we headed for the Governor's office on a courtesy visit, the normal thing we do in every state we go no matter the party in power.

While with Governor Janga large crowd of supporters had gathered outside which made us to shelve our proposed visits to the paramount ruler of Jos as well as the leaders of both the Christian and Islamic communities who were expecting us with due apologies conveyed to them.

The above move was in tandem with our responsible conduct mindful of the unparalleled support we draw every city we have gone. This informed our diverting to Ganya the day our movement was to meet President Jonathan convoy near Yola as we campaigned in Adamawa the same day.

From the Governor's office we proceeded to the Polo Ground venue of our rally where we had a successful event without any incident. It was at the end of the rally that we got report that the police acting out the PDP script waylaid thousands of our supporters at Massalacin Ja'ama area, some distance from Polo Ground and insisted that they must not go for the rally. The police subsequently fired gunshots into the crowd killing four people and wounding several people.

Though eyewitnesses said the police brought a fire fighting truck to clean the blood of the innocent, we have no doubt that their blood will get justice as Nigeria will not endure this lawlessness for long. Those who murdered citizens whose only offense was exercising their freedom of association will face the full wrath of the law in due season.

The black Monday in Jos has clearly exposed the ruling party as deliberately Beirut sing Jos to explore the diversity of the people for political advantage. We have no doubt that these killings were masterminded to halt the balance of faith which the Buhari/Bakare combination was bringing to Jos as against the balance of hate which the PDP banks upon to maintain its tenuous hold in the area.

Let them rest assured that the people of Jos will not be bound to violence for long. Healing is coming to that land as indigenes and settlers would be brought to the table of brotherhood which a responsible leadership under Buhari promises. All the shut factories of Jos will have the enabling environment to re-open and engage the idle hands to bring about sustainable peace.
Our condolences go to the families of the deceased as we wish the wounded speedy recovery.
‘Yinka Odumakin.
Spokesman for General Buhari.

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