Thursday, 10 March 2011

News Report: Nuhu Ribadu Says “Our Priority is to tackle Poverty in Nigeria”

Nuhu Ribadu

Nuhu Ribadu, the presidential candidate of Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) has promised to establish six specialist hospitals in each of the country’s geo-political zones. He also promised to build a million houses every year of his four-year Presidency, if elected in April. Ribadu said that the manpower needed to staff these hospitals and the constructions are available, he vowed to create the environment for them to thrive.

According to information made available to chidi opara reports by the Ribadu  Campaign Organization, the ACN presidential candidate made these promises at the Murtala Muhammed Presidential Policy Dialogue which held at the Shehu Yar’ Adua Centre in Abuja.

“We want to build one million houses per year and each house construction will employ a minimum of 100 people. We will build six new super specialist hospitals namely, National Heart Hospital, National Kidney Hospital, National Cancer Hospital, National Children Hospital, National Women Hospital and National
Neurosurgical Hospital in all the geo-political zones.” Ribadu emphasized

He revealed that he was inspired by the exploits of Murtala Muhammed. “At the time when Muritala came, the military was at the peak of its enjoyment. The twelve governors were like the pharaohs, the Mubaraks  and the Ghadaffi’s of the Arab world. Murtala came in and instantly reversed this and redirected the country. He showed that it could be done. I’m probably not going to do the same as I’m not a military man. I will imbibe the tenets of democracy. I will go by the rules and change this country. But I assure you that it will be done.” He said

Ribadu said that he would remain a vanguard for anti-corruption saying that at 50 years, it is too late for him to change. “I am Nuhu Ribadu and will remain Nuhu Ribadu forever”.

It would be noted that Nuhu Ribadu was the first Chairman of the Economic And Financial Crimes Commission(EFCC)

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