Monday, 18 April 2011

News Release: Niger Delta Joint Revolutionary Council Appeals For Calm Following Killings In Northern Nigeria

Asari Dokubo: A Joint Revolutionary Council Patron

We hereby appeal to all youths of the Niger Delta to remain calm in the face of this untoward provocation by infidel elements from the Northern region of the Nigerian contraption. While we recognize that there are strong Northern interests in the Niger Delta, we will remain calm and will do the best we can to reject acts of provocation currently being deployed by nauseous elements of Northern extraction.
However said, let us not forget that some Northern leaders had in very recent times threatened the peace of the Nigerian state should they not be chosen in their targetted political spheres. These people should be brought to book.
Moreso, the unrest in the North should give the current government another reason to visit the idea of the convocation of a sovereign national conference so that all ethnic nationalities accross the horizons of this contraption (including hausa fulanis and their northern sojourners). 
It has become very clear to all that we do not belong together. We refuse to be equally yoked with terrorist elements. We are watching.
Cynthia Whyte
Spokesperson, Joint Revolutionary Council (JRC)

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