Tuesday, 19 April 2011

News Release: Release 13-year-old Precious Efurueze From Detention Now!

Governor Ikedi Ohakim
Spaces For Change(S4C) is deeply concerned about the continued detention of 13-year -old Precious Efurueze in prison custody by Imo State governor, Ikedi Ohakim. Precious and 17 others were charged with murder for allegedly pelting the governor and his party chieftains with pure water satchets during a political rally in Owerri, Imo State on March 31, 2011. There is no known incident of death resulting from pure water pelting in Nigeria, or anywhere else in the world.

S4C is outraged by the spurious charges levelled against a minor, and is deeply worried about the impact the prison experience would have on the education and future career of Precious Efurueze. It is worthy of note that Nigerian youths have been at the receiving end of exploitation, marginalization and intimidation perpetrated by the very leaders they look up to for succour.

S4C is not interested in Ikedi Ohakim's political ambition as it this is left for Imo people to decide. But he must not be allowed to get away with this injustice.

Precious Efurueze was denied bail the second time on April 18, 2011. S4C is demanding that Ikedi Ohakim withdraws the phantom murder charges brought against Precious and 17 others, and to immediately cause them to be released from custody.

Enough is enough!
Victoria Ibezim-Ohaeri

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