Friday, 22 April 2011

News Report: Real Reason Why Nigeria's Minister Of The Interior Was Suapended

Iheanacho: Suspended Minister
Indications have emerged that the suspended Nigerian Minister Of The Interior, Captain Emmanuel Iheanacho was not suspended for issues bordering on performance of his ministerial duties.

The Minister's suspension, chidi opara reports gathered from contacts in the Presidency was as a result of the secret political feud between the President and Rtd. General Ibrahim Babangida, Nigeria's former military President.

Ibrahim Babangida, according to a contact who worked in Captain Iheanacho's Genesis shipping firm in Apapa, was instrumental to Iheanacho joining the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP).

Iheanacho, according to a former employee of the Nigerian National Shipping Line(NNSL), who worked under the former Ship Captain at the London office of the defunct shipping firm, "ran a great deal of errands for Babangida when we were in NNSL".

The relationship between Iheanacho and Babangida reportedly continued after he left NNSL to found Genesis Shipping. There was even speculation that Babangida provided the funds for setting up Genesis.

Babangida, chidi opara reports learnt,  made an effort in 2007 to position Iheanacho prominently in PDP when he influenced the shortlisting of the former Ship Captain's name for ministerial appointment, a move that was thwarted by former President Olusegun Obasanjo, who at that time had the ears of then President Umaru Yar'Adua.. Charles Ugwu, an Obasanjo protege got the ministerial appointment instead.

When Captain Iheanacho's name, according to Presidency insiders, appeared again on the ministerial list, President Jonathan was disposed to offering him the appointment because of the role Babangida played in his emergence as Acting President.

PDP insiders whom chidi opara reports network members spoke to in Emekuku, Iheanacho's home town, Owerri and Abuja told us that since his ministerial appointment, the suspended minister have been trying to hijack the leadership of the party at the ward, local government, state and zonal levels at the prompting of Rtd. General Babangida. This action reportedly placed the former Ship Captain at loggerheads with the party leadership at all levels.

President Goodluck Jonathan is reported to be fully aware of this development but refused to act, "so as not to cause rancour in our party".

chidi opara reports learnt on good authority that the suspended Minister was at the time of his suspension, "fiercely loyal to Babangida, even when security reports revealed that Babangida was working against the re-election of Mr. President".


  1. So that is all? Can't you see that the bunkum is your speculation. Where is the thread of investigation?

  2. If this information is something to go by, Capt Emma Ihanacho should stop accusing people in his local Govt. that they are instrumental to his suspension.

    He is a big fool to have decided to serve two masters at the same time.


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