Saturday, 16 April 2011

Report: Intellectual Property Watch List 2011

The Consumers International (CI) IP Watchlist, now in its third year, assesses the fairness of the world's intellectual property (IP) laws and enforcement practices from an important yet under-represented perspective: that of the ordinary consumer. Using a detailed checklist of over 50 criteria, applied to over 20 countries, the Watchlist provides a snapshot of how a number of the world's major IP regimes support, or fail to support, consumers' access to educational, cultural and scientific knowledge. The Watchlist aims to educate and inspire, not merely to condemn. We are all used to reading negative headlines about intellectual property such as “Nation of unrepentant pirates costs $900m,”1 “Autistic Blogger Sued For Copying Photo From Website”2 and “Most People are Basically Thieves.”3 How often do we read: “Library saves books from loss through copyright exceptions,” “Author releases out-of print works to the public domain” or “Award-winning documentary made possible through exercise of fair use”? It is only in countries whose IP laws and practices strike afair balance between the interests of creators and consumers that such good-news stories will be possible. Our aim is toencourage more countries that are reviewing their IP laws, and more creators who are considering how to license and enforce their IP rights, to look beyond the hyperbole of the
multinational industry lobby groups, and instead help build an IP system that serves the public interest,  including the interest of their own neighbours and families.

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