Thursday, 12 May 2011

News Release: On President Jonathan's Cheap Politicization of Post-Election Violence

Muhammadu Buhari

The petty politics being played by President Goodluck Jonathan with the unfortunate disturbances in parts of the country following the massive rigging of the April 16 Presidential election shows the tragic incompetence that is governing Nigeria at its pathetic worst. Contrary to the vile propaganda by President Jonathan that the Congress for Progressive Change(CPC) was justifying the unrest,it is clear that he is the one who cannot rise beyond base politics when statesmanship is what is required.

Beyond the twisted logic of a the official bulletin of the ruling party pretending to be news medium,there is no where anybody associated with us in any form has provided justification for the crisis in the manner a PDP governor has done.The only sour truth we have pointed out is that those who wilfully violate the right of the people to freely choose their leaders are vicariously liable for the outrage of the mob.

While we want justice for the people who lost their lives,we need to alert the whole world that the handling of this issue by President Jonathan is the worst form of mischief dance on the graves of the dead. Our position is anchored on the following:

1. It is galling that a President who has not shaken off the allegation that he distributes dollars within Nigeria will value a slain Corper who would have been a breadwinner for life for his family  at a token  N5m.The motive behind this gesture could at best only be a photo-op with the families and not genuine concerns for the dead;

2.The Federal Government by law has no powers to investigate any disturbances outside the Federal Capital Territory as pronounced by the Supreme Court in Fawehinmi vs Babangida.The 22-man panel set up by the President is therefore a hollow ritual meant to just play politics with a serious national tragedy.

Ironically,Justice Samson Uwaifo who has been made the Deputy Chair of this illegal panel was on the Suprme Court panel that gave that decision.He presently chairs a lawful Truth Commission in Osun State as only states have such powers;

3.Most of the terms of reference of this illegal panel are criminal investigations that cannot be tribunalised.The burning of houses is arson while the killing of people is culpable homicide;a competent government should be filing charges against the suspects arrested  rather than embarking on a wild goose chase.

We have not forgotten that seven months after MEND claimed responsibility for the October 1 bombing in Abuja during which one family lost four children, the President who absolved the Niger Delta terror gang from culpability in a crime it owned up to has yet to bring the culprits to book;

4 .Were the Government to be genuine over its intention of even compensating those who lost their property,all it would have needed was advertising in newspapers for such victims to come forward with a verification panel to assess their claims and value genuine losses.
Legal Challenge Of Polls Fraud Now Justified! We understand the panicky moves of the Jonathan Presidency though. It stole the presidency in a hurry and committed 'rigging stupidity'(apology to Prof.Itse Sagay) and is now scared stiff that its tracks are not covered at all.

It has now been forced to eat its words(and those of its many accomplices!) that the elections were free and fair with a self-shot at foot that "6m under-age voters" voted for the CPC. This has further strengthened our position that the elections were not credible.If indeed INEC(not CPC) allowed 6m unqualified voters in one election,the electoral body has serious questions to answer and all elections conducted based on such a fraudulent N87b voters register should be nullified!

Nigerians have not forgotten so soon how the "credible"Prof Jega told the country he was going to clean up the voters register of multiple-registrations and what nots,only to return with extra 11m voters after "clean-up".
A lie repeated by 1000 people is still a lie,for the attention of all the praise singers of polls fraud as "free and fair" and "a wide margin that cannot be closed at the tribunal".

'Yinka Odumakin.
Spokesman for General Muhammadu Buhari.

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